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2019 Mini Electric Details Revealed

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Mini is a brand that believes that its first series production model which is currently being tested in the prototype form in the Arctic Circle would mark a pivotal point in its history. The car, which had been first previewed by the Mini Electric concept of 2017 would be undergoing testing under cold weather conditions. The components and the range of the development would be examined in the sub-zero temperatures. The handling of the car would also be assessed in the slippery conditions. Sebastian Mackensen, the brand boss, has predicted with confidence that the Mini Ev would actually be handling more like the original Mini due to the low center of gravity.

mini electric car 2019

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The go-kart feeling is always talked about and bringing the car to another level. The torque and the responsiveness of the car would also be important factors, combined with the low center of weight. The range of the car has not yet been confirmed and the latest i# of the Mini parent BMW talks about the possibility of the electric technology. The i3 uses a synchronous electric motor that would offer 181 bhp and 270 Nm of torque and offer a range of about 300 km. The company has not yet taken any decisions about the other variants of the model and would be based on the 3-door body shape. There would be aerodynamic features that would make it into the body of the car.

The car would include being that would channel around the body and there would be a grille-less nose. There would also be an air extractor slot behind the front wheel. It would be quite similar to the one featured on the BMW 8 series concept. The electric Mini concept would also be far more heavily sculpted and there would be a neat intake with a tiny spoiler in the front of the rear wheel. The unusual asymmetric wheel design of the car had been heavily influenced by the 1980s design of the car. There could be several more features that might make it into the final car.

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