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5 cues - Sell your car if you get them

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Sneha, for the first time distributed chocolates in our office, and when asked reason she said her father finally sold his 15-year-old red Esteem, which actually was more of an embarrassment than esteem. She was least excited about his new Honda City and was celebrating as she no more would be seen in the esteem.

Even though cars have a good long life, there comes a time when you have to let them go and look for a new one. But, some people make every effort to use their cars to the maximum possible limit before shoving it away and thus during that period they get endless hints from their near and dear ones to spare the old car and let it go. Here are few common and indirect hints that they get:


Kids prefer school bus

Being dropped by your father right in front of the school gate is something to take pride off, but if your dad owns a car that the manufacturer have stopped making and the market demand of the car has come down to zero and no one counts it as a car even, then it surely is more than just embarrassing. An old car with dents and scratches all over its body with faded color is not something your kid would like to take a ride in. It becomes embarrassing for him to get out of such a car in front of his friends and thus he continuously asks to go by the school bus.  Now, is the time for you to realize that your car is no longer a pretty ride; it has lost its charm after so many years of rigorous usage.


References of Cab Services

Every second morning when you are ready to leave your house and rather than handing your lunch, wallet and handkerchief, your wife offers you contact numbers of various taxi and cabs services, the sign is clear that your car is no more capable of serving you and is ready to be sold.


Your Car: Your Sign

Children in your society and colleagues at your office call you by referring to your car over your name is an embarrassing situation, if you own an outdated model. Every evening at a particular time, i.e., when you come back to home from office, the children playing in the society alert each other by shouting out the name and the color of your car rather than your name or surname, just because you are the only one in the society who owns those wheels is very humiliating. Now, you don’t need any other sign from your car asking you to sell it, it is the need of the hour to update yourself and get a new car.


Colleagues don’t car pool

Everyone knows the benefits of car pool; you pitched the idea a lot of times to your office colleague but everyone had their excuse not to join you; but they joined another car pool. Wondering why? They must have seen you coming to office in car but going back in auto as your old car ditched you. 

Every day you take your car to the office and also keep change in your pocket separately with a risk in the back of your mind that may be in the evening the car won’t start and you would have to take a rickshaw back home is not a positive sign.

Owning a car means that you are at least free from the tension of commuting. When you own a car, you know that you could reach any place without any problem, but if your car is not able to serve you well and you have to be prepared for other options then it is time to bid your car a farewell.


Garage mechanic is your Facebook friend

If you spend most of the weekends’ time at the car garage near your house rather than spending quality time with family and taking them for outings, then you must realize it is the time to say bye-bye to your car! If the last dialed number on your cell phone is of the car mechanic and the last place you visited is the car-servicing garage, you don’t need any other sign to sell it off. And don’t be surprised if you get Facebook friend request from your mechanic one fine day.

Spending more and more time in repairing the car over using it is not a good sign. If your car needs your attention all the time and if your car is not always ready for a ride, then you must begin the search for a new car.

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