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5 Reasons To Drool Over The New 2017 Lexus NX300h

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Lexus, one of the leading commercial and sedan class car manufacturers have something surprising for India this New Year. Packed with performance, style and a pocket friendly price tag, the new Lexus NX300h is expecting a huge turnover in the Indian market.

About the Lexus NX300h

The midsize sub SUV model from Lexus has sharp and edgy looks, which can make anyone stand out in the crowd of modern cars. It has been made luxurious, well equipped with the latest features and technologies, comfortable and a very budget friendly price tag.

Lexus NX300h

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What are the top 5 things you need to know about this car?

The designers have come up with a brand new model, and they have given enough reasons to drool over this car. Let’s take a closer look, why this Lexus NX300h is so worthy of the hype:

  • The new NX300h will be powered by a 2.5L petrol engine which is coupled with an electric motor that has an overall combined output of 197hp, a torque value of 210Nm and 5700rpm. This power is equally distributed to the all four wheels via an advanced e-CVT gearbox.
  • This new NX300h is available in two variants. There is a Luxury and another F-Sport version. The more affordable version, the Luxury variant, has got comfortable seats, ventilation etc. the F-Sports is ideal for the sportier drive with tougher pedals and paddle-shifters
  • Latest add-ons like LED lighting, panoramic glass roof, exterior mirrors with glass heating, 10.3 inch touchscreen infotainment screen, 360 degree camera along with safety features of 8airbags and vehicle stability modes have made this car get ahead in the list.
  • This model has been made highly fuel efficient with a certified 18.32kmpl mileage. The credit for this impressive mileage goes to the hybrid powertrain engine.
  • The Luxury variant has been priced at INR53.18 lakhs, while the F-Sport is priced at 55.85lakhs. This prices when compared with the other leading cars at this range and performance, prove to be much value for money.

Thus the Lexus NX300h is going to rule the Indian markets soon.

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