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Abundance of authority and suave in BMW series 8 Coupe

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With an innovative and cult-appealing design, the BMW series 8 coupe is a harmonious coming together of, luxurious design, engine power and state of the art technology. The long awaited series 8 is infused with a racing DNA into its making. As gathered from the leaked images of the series 8 production model, the coupe has distinctly significant character lines detailing all throughout its body, adding to its appearance a sincere touch of aggression. The finely aerated and perforated interior with merino leather assures the driver and all its passengers a tenderly luxurious experience. This machine is of a master class make, that will conjure up severe horse power in a matter of seconds with a commanding V8 voice, and with an effortless acceleration will zoom past like a flash.

The physical appearance

The series 8 like one of its successor series 6, will accommodate three variants, the two-door coupe, the four-door gran coupe and a cabriolet; all three variants are expected to launch in 2018. The BMW series 8 promises to revive a lot of BMW signature muscularity in its appearance, that has been missing from many of its recent models. However, as compared to the concept model, the production model has hold back quite a significant bit on the boldness of its front bumpers.

The production model fits in a behemoth chrome fused kidney grille to add on to the fearsomeness of its look. The LED headlamps with a pulled back and squinty look, characterizes the front with a mean and grin look. The production model retains a sufficient amount of authority in its look with a massive and sturdy front hood and huge air vents.

BMW 8 8-Series

The rear bumper is painted black with a carbon fibre diffuser which conceals the dual trapezoidal exhausts. The rear also flaunts a classy lean and wide LED taillights, ducktail spoilers and sleek vertical air vents. With a seamless rear design that integrates with the rest of the body, the rear features a lot less outwards projections, and a rather singular vertical plain with detailed and crisp indentations, an element that adds a bold elegance to the look. As on the leaked production images, the left badge on the rear reads xDrive, suggesting a four-wheel-drive 8 Series.

The engine specifications

BMW has confirmed that the series 8 will host the company's patent CLAR architecture. An architecture that can comfortably support anything between 2.0 ltr four-cylinder engine to 6.6 ltr 12 cylinder engine. The series 8 is expected to see a generous variant in its models, with the registered numbers 825i, 830i, 835i, 840i, 845i, 850i and 860i. The lighting fast with a beastly engine, M860i xDrive M Performance variant is confirmed, that under the hood houses a 6.6 litre twin turbo V12 engine. Whereas, another variant in line with the M badged version will combine a whole lot carbon fibre, 4.0 litre twin-turbo and V8 petrol motor engine that will exert a wholesome, over 500 bhp. Rest assured, the BMW series 8 coupe will face significantly less shortage in terms of style, speed, power and variety.

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