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Audi Q5 - IBB Review

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Interest for SUVs is catching up in the luxury segment, especially the mid-size segment. The German brand Audi was just hustling the long in the tooth first generation Q5 for a considerable amount of time. We prefer to call it a period of gestation, as Audi is back in the game with a bang. Audi recently launched their comprehensively updated new second-gen Q5 in India.

They have not only revised the design but also has loaded tech and gadgets to its gills. The new GLC from Mercedes Benz could rake some decent numbers in the recent past. Also, Volvo just launched their new XC60 in India. Can the new Q5 give a tough fight to the competition?

Audi Q5 Price


One look and you recognize it as a baby Q7! Audi has beautifully adapted the large hexagonal grille with the matte chrome, signature LED lamps and the front bumper into the smaller Q5 from the big and burly Q7. The design has become leaner and athletic compared to the rounded shape of its predecessor. Typical Audi and German lines run on the sides.

The alloys are large 18-inch but the design looks a little humdrum compared to other design elements of the car. The rear resembles the old car and the rear lamp design is also carried forward except for the new LED lights which look attractive when lit up. For an untrained eye, it will take a while to differentiate the new one from the old one. The new Q5 is slightly broader and longer than the previous model.


Bigger changes come inside, the new Q5 adopting Audi’s latest design language. The similarity with the Q7 continues here as well. Once inside, the non-retractable central display screen catches your attention first. The material quality is simply first class and Audi has taken a lot of effort to give its customer a superlative feel. However, the design is pretty ordinary and nothing to get excited. Or are we not getting the typical German understated elegance? When it comes to equipment as mentioned before, Audi has ensured to pack in all the tech and gadgets possible into the new Q5. The central MMI (Man Machine Interface) display is controlled by the touchpad and the click wheel. Infotainment system also gets Android Auto and AppleCarPlay along with its own navigation application.

Audi Q5 Quick Facts - An IBB Review

The cabin is designed around the driver offering all possible features and comfort. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is just the right size and comes with all essential steering mounted controls. Behind the steering wheel sits the 12.2-inch digital instrument console which displays a wide range of information ranging from speed and navigation to communication.  The driver can choose from numerous display options.  The car also offers deluxe three-zone climate control.

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The front seats are pretty large and accommodative with enough leg and shoulder room. Seats at the front are electrically adjustable for height, fore/aft position, seat angle, and backrest angle. Audi is able to carve a little more space in the middle row, allowing even a six-footer to sit behind a six-footer with ease. The luggage area is also nicely finished (550 liters capacity), and the rear seats can be folded in 40: 20: 40 or fully collapsed to add the practicality factor.

Engine and Performance

The Q5 is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine that pumps out a max power of 190 hp and peak torque of 400 Nm. With the new MLB platform which underpins the Q5, this one is up to 90 kg lighter (depends on the variant) than the car it replaces. This definitely has positive effects on the performance and fuel efficiency front. The car builds up speed in a civilized manner devoid of much drama. The Indian Q5 comes with Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system as well transmitting power to all the four wheels.

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The car has loads of torque and power right from lower rpms and driver will never feel lack of power or torque at any rpm and has got a meaty mid-range. The car breaches the 100 kmph mark just under 8 seconds. The car can happily cruise all day at triple digits making it a great mile muncher for our highways. The transmission duties are carried out by the advanced 7-speed S-Tronic dual clutch automatic gearbox which is quick and smooth in action.

Ride and Handling   

The new Audi Q5 comes equipped with adjustable suspension setup. Q5 remains pretty composed and poised through even some demanding twisties at high speeds, but always keep in mind that this is not a corner carver. The handling for normal driving is pretty confidence inspiring and also offers a pliant and comfy ride. There are two modes: Normal and Dynamic. The Dynamic mode tightens up the suspension and offers better control and limits body roll. However, it is better to leave the car in normal mode for your daily use. The steering is pretty light and offers limited feedback.


The car gets full-size airbags for the driver and front passenger along with side, head and rear airbags offering safety to passengers in case of a crash. The new Q5 also gets ISOFIX child seat mounts. Rear view camera projects the image to the MMI screen while reversing.

Audi Q5 IBB Verdict

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