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Audi Will Launch A New RS5 Coupe In India Next Month

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Audi is a very famous carmaker which is most familiar with all the people and it is going to launch a new model this year. Since it is known that Audi is not going to participate in the upcoming Auto Expo, it has been working on many models to launch in next month. It also concentrates more on these modes to produce the best output and to stay always top in its range. The all-new model Q5 has recently arrived in the markets last month and it is going to introduce a new model coupe at the end of this month.

Audi Will Launch a New RS5 Coupe In India Next Month

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The 2nd model that Audi is going to introduce is named RS5 Coupe and it uses a very new platform. The 2nd generation model of this RS5 will be larger in size when compared to the models which are outgoing. This new model is thought to be different from its predecessor and so its roof has been made with carbon-fibre which is optional. Because of this roof, this new RS5 Coupe will be 60kg lighter when compared to its previous model.

This new RS5 follows the new design language of Audi Sports and this is the first model to follow this language. Also to make it more attractive, this car is featured with new bumpers, single-frame grille which is more prominent, and to highlight the arches wheels it includes Quattro blisters. In addition, it also includes headlights of Matrix LED, nineteen-inch wheels as well as air intakes. The major different provided in this car is the replacement of the heart.

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This new RS5 consists of 4.2 ltr V8, turbocharged V6, 2.9 ltr and it will be smaller in size. Since it is smaller and consists of few cylinders, the output power produced by V6 equals the power output of V8 which is 450hp. But it isn’t able to match the torque V8 which is 600Nm. When compared with the BMW M4, the RS5 produces 431hp and 550hp. The M4 is meant for rear wheel drive but in the case of RS5 the power will be shared and pumped to all the four wheels by using the famed Quattro of Audi which facilitates all-wheel driving system.

The previous model of the car is featured with the seven-speed transmission gearbox and it is replaced by this new hatchback model RS5 with an eight-speed gearbox which is featured with automatic transmission. Since this new model has been reduced in weight, it has made a jump in its torque. By including AWD system which is smarter, this new RS5 Coupe will give up to 100kph in 3.9 sec. It gives a half sec quicker response than its previous model and it also equals the time of the original model R8 V10.

The top speed of this new RS5 Coupe is limited to the range of 250kph but it also lets you run up to 280kph because of the dynamic pack option which is included in it. The interior features of RS5 include sports seats, Alcantara trimmings, pedals of stainless steel, the steering wheel of flat-bottomed and an RS-specific display provided for virtual cockpit system. It also has an option of the exhaust system of sport and the price of RS5 is expected to be in the range of Rs. 1.2 crore.

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