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Before being unveiled in 2018, BMW 8-series have already leaked

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The BMW blog Bimmerpost has published two leaked images of the flagship coupe, which was earlier spotted in camouflage form as it continues testing. From what has been seen of the production version’s front and rear, it is reminiscent of the 6-series coupe. Though the production version is loosely inspired by the Concept-8 series, the former flaunts smoother lines. The rear LED lights are also toned down.

This car will be a two-door coupe version of the 7-series sedan. Though the brand has aimed to keep the branding of the upmarket cars separate from the rest of the line-up, the large trapezoidal exhausts at the rear and the elaborate headlight clusters showing off familiar BMW motifs inside link the car to the rest of the range. Since it is closely related to the 7-series, in all likelihood, the 8-series will share naming conventions and engines with its sedan counterpart. The range will feature an i-Performance-badged-plug-in hybrid, while the entry-level 3.0litre six-cylinder diesel found in the 730d will be used in an 830d. The more performance-oriented 4.4litre V8 in the 750i xDrive, will be included in the 8-series line-up. Later in the 8 series’ life cycle, a V12 engined model will be released later.

2018, BMW 8-series

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The most hardcore variant of the 8 series will come in M8 form, which will boast of its own more aggressive bodywork. In all likelihood, the model will be powered by an uprated version of the latest M5’s 600hp, 4.4litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and share the same M xDrive four-wheel-drive system. Coming to the interiors, the 8-series models will feature the same top-end technologies found in the 7-series- including the latest and next-generation semi-autonomous functions.

The M Sport variant which will be offered will be accompanied by a more aggressive front bumper and sharper exhausts. All variants of the coupe sport a rakish rear window line while the convertible ditches this due to its electric folding roof.

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