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Besides speed and power, carmakers pay extra attention to safety, including Ford

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A major number of U.S car models have already gone through a makeover with the installation of standard automatic emergency brakes and a whole lot of other safety features. Among the carmakers to follow these installations are Ford, Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most of the carmakers aim to install these standard safety measures in almost all of their U.S models by 2022.

Two particular models of Ford, set out to launch in 2018, 2019 Edge midsize crossover vehicle and the 2019 Ranger midsize pickup are significant advocates of the automatic safety brakes. The automatic brakes functioning on a superior state of the art technology, that can automatically brake and steer off on sensing pedestrians and object barriers, consequently minimizing collision potential significantly. The 2019 Edge, will feature latest additional features like a high-tech cruise control system and an auto-steering assist of higher efficiency and precision. Features, that all ensure higher safety of the driver and passengers, with a dramatically reduced crashing possibilities.

Raj Nair, the President of Ford's North American operations, in one of his interview mentioned that the company plans to execute more prominent driving assist features in the U.S model designs. The stipulated time on completion of this task however was not mentioned in the interview. Tesla and Mercedes-Benz lead the race of safety installation in their U.S model cars. They are chased closely by Toyota, who have included these safety brakes in 56 per cent of their 2017 roster. Followed by Honda with installation of safety brakes in 30 percent of their U.S. model cars and then General Motors with 20 percent. Ford is tailing the list for the moment with only 10 per cent of their entire fleet having the safety brakes installed, but with the launch of 2019 Edge and 2019 Ranger, and aggressive future plans, the company aims to make up sincere grounds in the year 2018.


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The 2019 edge will fall under the sports-utility SUV category, with a bold cosmetic and technology over-drive. The vehicle will have a humble 2-liter engine with an enhanced fuel performance as compared to earlier versions. The standard variant of Edge will be infused with an 8-speed automatic transmission, a stop-start engine, LED headlights, a wireless charging pad and an impressive four-wheel drive. The vehicle also promises superior user friendliness with the availability of Wi-Fi capability and remotely accessing engine start-up, vehicle location, fuel status and tire pressure info. Owing to its SUV class, Edge will have a 2.7 liter twin-turbo charged engine performing with 335 horsepower.

 The Ford ranger on the other hand could include from the options like a 2.3 liter EcoBoost turbo-four engine, a 2.5-liter I-4 engine generating 175 hp, or the latest 3.3 liter V-6 engine. The lesser variants of Ford Ranger can be expected to have a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, whereas the 10-speed automatic transmission seems to be the more obvious choice for the more powerful variant of Ford Ranger. Apart from the standard safety features, Ranger is most likely to include Ford's Sync 3 multimedia interface, an 8.0-inch touchscreen electronics panel, LED headlights, front seat heating and ventilation and trailer sway control.

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