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BMW i3S Electric Hatchback Shown At Auto Expo

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The 2018 Auto Expo witnessed the unveiling of the BMW i3S electric hatchback which may or may not be launched in the Indian market, depending on how feasible it ultimately turns out to be. The company has stated that a launch may only happen in case the i3S becomes a viable proposition.

BMW i3S electric hatchback shown at Auto Expo 2018

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The BMW i3S is an updated variant of the regular i3 which is sporty. There is an electric synchronous motor that makes 184 hp and 270 Nm. This motor dishes out 14 hp and 20 Nm extra as compared to the standard i3. The lithium-ion battery used for the car is the same one and this has total capacity of 33.2 kWh. The driving range for the car is 280 kilometres as claimed by BMW. 

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The BMW i3S comes with the range extender feature which is optional and there is ample support provided by a petrol two cylinder 647 cc engine which is rear mounted. An added 120 kg is ensured by way of kerb weight. Electrical charge is offered for the battery by this generator which is floor mounted. The car comes with several design and interior changes, broader rear track and retuned lower suspension system.

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