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BMW planning new electric SUVs in i-lineup

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BMW may be working on new additions for its i sub-brand. The German automobile giant has already submitted trademark applications for several model names which may be indicative of its desire to expand the iPerformance and i sub-brands. The names which have been trademarked include iX5, iX1, iX7, iX2, iX4, iX3, iX8, iX6 and iX9. The nomenclature is based on the present system followed by BMW and this indicates that the models may all be SUVs which will be electric powered.

BMW’s move seems natural in a scenario where rivals like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Jaguar have already confirmed that multiple electric SUV models will be launched by them for the long haul. The new electric SUVs may either be based on current models or may be uniquely designed cars with new packaging and styling.

BMW planning new electric SUVs in i-lineup

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Company chairman Harald Kruger had previously stated that a new X3-based zero emissions model will be launched to take on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz EQ C, Jaguar I-Pace and Audi E-tron in the future. BMW is already on track with regard to developing electric powered SUVs. Research and development chief Klaus Frohlich has already confirmed two new platforms for the i brand that are based on the current rear-wheel and front-wheel drive architectures at BMW.

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The former is inspired by the CLAR structure which is used for the present 7-Series and 5-Series models. The i Vision Dynamics Concept shown by BMW at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show also shares the same and offers four-wheel drive support too.

BMW has also trademarked names like i8, i7, i1, i3, i2, i4, i6, i5 and i9 long back and the i8 and i3 production models were shown thereafter. The names E3, E2, E1, E4, E6, E5, E8, E7 and E9 have also been trademarked by BMW.

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