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Car care and maintenance prioritized in an initiative by Mahindra First Choice

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The Mahindra First Choice is one of India’s most popular car marts and is India’s only organized multi-brand player with more than 1500+ outlets across 810+cities in the country.  Established in 2008 Mahindra First Choice services is a step in the right direction with their flexible finance options provided by some of the most respected financial institutions in India. This certified car company, with 160+ franchisee outlets, allows you to not only buy used cars but also helps you to sell your used car of any brand with payments made within 48 hours. There are 328 franchisee workshops in 22 states and by 2018 they aim at expanding their network to 1200 workshops. One needs a proper guide when it comes to buying, selling as well as maintaining a car and MFC services brings you just that.

Car care and maintenance prioritized in an initiative by Mahindra First Choice

Their latest venture deals with generating awareness among people about the importance of car care and car maintenance. The initiative has been titled as “under the bonnet” and it aims at educating car owners about the different ways in which one can take care of their car in different seasons. In order to increase the longevity of the car one has to follow a few basic car care tips for every season. The staffs hired by the company are experts in their field with vast knowledge and expertise.

To empower women in all social fields the initiative was first launched by MFC for women employees of IFFCO Tokio General Insurance in Gurugram. From changing of flat tyres to jumpstarting a car battery to prevention of overheating to optimizing mileage the experts in this field are making sure to taking care of trouble shooting all your car troubles according to the CEO of the Mahindra First Choice Services YVS Vijay Kumar.

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