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Car Imports To Uk From India Has Shown An Upward Trend Of 8%

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India import cars in large number to the UK as the registration of Indian-built vehicles in Britain is increased by 8.3%. But, some latest UK automotive industry figures say that there is a decline in the export of cars to India, though imports were found to be strong. The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) found that the Indian-built vehicles are popularly marked a spike in the United Kingdom by registering 34,146 Indian cars by buyers in Britain. This will represent an 8.3% increase than the previous year. But, India came down from 8th rank to 12th on the list of biggest Asian markets in Britain. This is because that the import of cars to India from by the UK is declined by 66% as compared to 2016. This decline is due to investment by certain manufacturers in shipping components and local assembly instead of fully assembled vehicles. As a reflection, more investments were made in India and therefore, leading to the capacity expansion of the country. Most of the companies wish to build near to where they sell.

Car imports from UK to India

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Jaguar Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors, has continued to rule the top 5 UK-based sellers in India with Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover Velar. Range Rover occupies the key spots and has proved to be the second most popular UK vehicle brand among Indians. JLR recently announced that they temporarily cut their production line up at Halewood in England. Indian-owned luxury auto-maker remains a fabulous success story that continues to be invested in the UK. Both the Indian and UK automotive sectors will possess a rich heritage of investment and partnership. They further deepen their relationship with the help of mutually beneficial trade deals as this is highly essential to both of them. Because of the highly integrated nature of universal automobile sector, it is very important to secure the right deals all across the world. This will surely benefit their respective industries, consumers, and economies worldwide.

There is an increasing demand for British-built cars all across the Asian regions with 200,280 motorists selecting a UK-built brand. South Korea, Japan, and China have topped the Asian export markets in the UK by taking an excess of three-quarters of almost all the vehicles shipped to the region. Even, the overseas demand is also continued to lead the industry. Japan, Canada, and China are some other countries that show notable development last year. On the whole, UK car production has seen a decline in the year 2017 with 1,671,167 vehicles rolling out of production lines by marking a 3.0 % decline on 2016. Moreover, exports also reflect a 1.1% decline in 2017. This prompts the SMMT to need an urgent clarity over the transition period that has to be triggered while Britain leaving the 28-member bloc EU in March 2019. Some latest figures reflect a downward trend in the UK automobile investment and the industry blames a decline of 9.8% in the overall output for local market on decreasing economic and business confidence and confusion against the UK government’s diesel policy.

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