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Checklist before Buying a New Car

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Like for everything in our lives, it is always useful to have a checklist for anything and yes everything! And in that one of the most important milestones in your life-like a new car buying, you will need a variety of checklists to aid and guide you too. And the variety of checklists, information, and tips that are out there, it is expansive. Yes. It may sound strange, but lists are of many types and one of the first in the checklists would be identifying and finding you in this assorted checklist!

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First of all, which category do you fall under?

  • Are you a first-time car buyer?
  • A one-time car buyer?
  • Or are you serial at it? Constantly updating and changing with the times buying new cars released in the market?
  • Are you a car aficionado and constantly like to buy new cars, selling off your old?

Well, you know what type you fall under, so now, what is the basic nature of car usage?

Is it?

  • A one and only one-person car?
  • Or is it multiple users? That is more than one family member or even friends use the car?
  • Is it a car only for staid ferrying from work to home or vice-versa? That is moving from Point A to Point B and back?
  • Or is it a family car? To take the kids around?
  • For long distance trips? Or meant only for travel?
  • Do you move around a lot in the car? Run all errands?
  • Is it a multi-purpose use car?
  • Is it the only car you own?
  • Do you move around a lot within city in the car? Sometimes clocking even 50-75 km a day? On an everyday basis that is?
  • Do you know approximately how many kilometers you would clock in a day?
  • Or do you use the car sparingly?
  • Is your workplace very far? And therefore, do you have a long commute?
  • What type of family setup do you have? A joint family or a nuclear family?
  • Because then this determines if there are more than one user? Or how much it is used?
  • Is it a car that both you and your spouse share?

Check On Road Price of a new car in your city

Having got that ticked in your checklist. Ok. So now…

What defines your car buying?

  • Do you frequently change cars, like buying the latest releases?
  • Or are you upgrading owing to requirements like growing family needs?
  • Does your car define you? Do you want your car to be an extension of you or your personality?
  • Do you like your car to do you're talking? Like a status symbol maybe?

What type of cars do you like? Want, need, or what do you aspire for?

  • Budget, usage, or first-time buyer, do you want an entry-level like Hyundai Eon, or a hatchback like the new Mahindra KUV 100?
  • What age segment do you come in? Are you young, middle-aged or closer to retiring or older?
  • Or do you want an MPV or MUV like a Toyota Innova or a T300?
  • Do you want a sedan or an SUV like Mahindra Scorpio or Renault Duster?
  • Or a luxury sedan or saloons like Skoda Octavia or even Mercedes-Benz C-Class?
  • Love the outdoors? Thinking of an off-road like a Mahindra Thar, maybe?
  • Or do you like collectibles and want to own a vintage car like a Maruti 800, or an Ambassador?

What aids your decision-making in buying new cars?

  • Are you an impulsive buyer?
  • Do strategic ad campaigns impact or influence your car buying?
  • Or are you buying a car just for its pluses and how it would make a good fitment for you and your usage?
  • Do you have a budget or do you know what your budget is? Or can you stretch yourself or opt for the top-end model?
  • Are you the kind who cannot make up your mind and keep vacillating and constantly ask friends, family and keep visiting dealerships?

Are you a onliner?

  • Do you read a lot online?
  • Are you influenced by reviews and suggestions given online by various websites like Edmunds.com, or Indianbluebook.com, Carwale.com?
  • Frequently follow updates, news, new car release dates?
  • Do you always go by what reliable websites like IndianBlueBook or Cardekho say about cars before making your decision?
  • Can you decide only based on online reviews and feedback?

What does your new car mean to you?

  • As you are growing, and your earnings are increasing, do you want your car to reflect these changes? And therefore, you want a luxury car to make your point maybe?
  • Are you buying a car just for the heck of it? Or buying an expensive car even though you have no real need for it?
  • Or you buy a car because your friends or family already have one?
  • Did you ditch your old car to make a statement to others?
  • Or are you doing so because your old car retails well in the used car market because you sold it just in time?

So now you have bracketed yourself right? You know where you belong, and how you see yourself and identify yourself too. Yes. There are a couple more checklists before you make the pertinent new car purchase! Good luck to you!

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