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Daimler & Bosch Is Going To Test the Self-Driving Cars Very Soon

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Daimler is a well-known automobile company and Robert Bosch is a popular company for an automotive supplier. These two companies are going to start testing the cars that are made with a function of self-driving. These self-driving cars are also known as robo-taxis and they are going to start the testing in the upcoming months. The owner of Mercedes Benz, Daimler and Bosch has teamed up to produce the cars with the self-driving mechanism and their aim is to increase the production of this robo-taxis.

daimler bosch going to test the self driving cars very soon

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To achieve their objectives, they also include the other growing rivals which are also planning to develop robo-taxis. The chief executive of Bosch Volkmar Denner also said that you can find the test vehicles on the streets in the upcoming months. The combo of the Daimler which is the most popular carmaker and the Bosch which is the familiar automotive supplier forms an extra weight-age to the other automakers such as Uber & Didi that are planning to develop self-driving cars similar to them.

Last month, the self-driving units of Alphabet Inc’s Waymo said that they are starting testing the cars that include self-driving mechanism and they have tested it in Atlanta. They have also done the testing in all the 25 cities of U.S while testing. Most of the carmakers and technology companies are taking great efforts to bring a change in the industry of automaker. Because people are now used to hire vehicle rather than buying cars.

The automakers and technology companies are now putting effort to adjust the shift in the auto industry. Since, everyone is using their smartphones to identify the location, hire and to rent the vehicles instead of buying new vehicles. The Vice President of Daimler, Wilko Stark said they are going to bring vehicles which are fully autonomous of level 4 and 5 in the future instead of bringing vehicles of highly autonomous level 3. The Cars strategy of Mercedes-Benz also told the same.

The level 3 car is one which needs a driver as well as a steering wheel to take over the car if you want to take over the car and the level 4 car is one which allows you driverless features in some lanes which are dedicated for them. The level 5 cars are based on full autonomy and it doesn’t need the attention of your eyes or brain and even it doesn’t need a steering wheel. This is the difference between the levels of the car and they are now aiming to provide level 4 and level 5 vehicles.

Stark said that the there will be a big difference between them and the competitors is the conceptualization. They used to define the vehicle in the concept of robo taxi and not defined as a technology kit that is mounted on a vehicle. So they are not able to include a makeshift solution in the vehicle. The company is now testing the level  3 cars on the public streets and this will be converted into robo-taxis in the future.

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