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Honk! Honk! The Datsun Redi-GO is here

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Datsun, a subsidiary company of Nissan, is all set for the launch of their much-awaited vehicle the redi-GO on 7th June 2016 in India and pre-bookings for the same are already underway. The global debut of the Datsun was in April this year. The entry-level sedan is said to be priced between INR 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs for the top end variant.

Datsun Redi Go

For the traffic in our country which springs up at its will, the redi-Go will be a good bet to swerve and move along the flow. Although, the other two offerings by the company did not create much impact or buzz in the country, they are hoping that the all-new redi-GO will help them get back in business.


  • A first-of-its-kind one-off fusion of a compact crossover & city hatchback.
  • Aggressively priced and most affordable Datsun vehicle.
  • Bookings open and interestingly, it can be booked through Snapdeal – One of India’s leading E-commerce portals or through various Datsun dealerships.

Let’s take a look at what the car has to offer:

The Exterior

The redi-GO is a funky looking entry-level hatchback which is rooted to captivate and charm first time buyers. Some of the standout features include pulled back headlamps, the trademark Datsun honeycomb grille and a strong bonnet. In addition, to improve the appeal, in the top end variant, they have introduced LED daytime running lamps. The character lines that outline the length of the car never go unnoticed. The car comes with sleek 13” wheels. The heightened stance gives riders a wider view of the surroundings and the vehicle too gets more ground clearance. The rear portion of the car is simple and neat apart from the tail lamps which are shaped liked a boomerang. Faux skid plates have also been added as well, to the rear part of the car. Although the tall-boy design is not out of the ordinary, it is likeable nonetheless. Unlike some of the competitor vehicles out there, this car looks young, fresh and quirky – it’s anything but ordinary.

The Interior

Sporting modern and fresh interiors, the redi-GO is much more spacious than many competitor vehicles. The visibility from the car is good due to the larger windows and tall stance. The dashboard comes with several stout holes and a typical glove box. The instrument console has a speedometer and other displays to read out significant details. Although there is no Bluetooth connectivity CD player, USB and AUX are present. A shift indicator in the dashboard helps the driver by indicating the right time to switch gears for maximum efficiency and performance.

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Power windows are given in the front two seats but manual window control is given for the rear. The boot space of 222 litres is spacious enough to host two mid-size suitcases and then little. The redi-GO is said to offer best in class space and sufficient knee room for passengers in both the front and back. But shoulder room at the back will be a tight squeeze if three adults are seated.  


The redi-GO comes with the same engine, gearbox and engine mapping as the Renault Kwid. This translates to a 0.8L 800cc engine which produces 53bhp power at a torque of 72Nm. In essence, this car is aimed at providing users with maximum fuel efficiency and it is not directed at administering thrilling driving experiences. If you are looking for a vehicle which performs then this is not the car for you. On the contrary, this is suitable to shuffle around from Point A to Point B in decent comfort. For beginners especially, this car is easy to drive. The gearshifts and the clutch are both light and easy. The compact size enables easy parking around the city. The fuel economy is said to be approximately 25.17kmpl. 

If you are thinking of buying one

The price range that this vehicle is offered in, generally targets first time buyers as it comes with value and fuel efficiency. Even for those who are looking for a second car, this is a good bet to use for in-city driving and running errands. It’s a perfect city car because of its compact size which makes parking a breeze and also its great economy. The car’s main target audience is the youth. Datsun is aiming at the population which believe in moving out of comfort zones and getting more out of life. The Japanese automaker is presenting them a ready-to-go car to suit their always on the move lifestyle. An automobile which is full of life, fun and experiences, just like the youth, the redi-GO is prepared to take them to their destinations in comfort and ease.

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An exclusive blend of style and comfort to zip around the city in a lively manner, the Datsun redi-GO is set for the Indian market. Will this be the car to redeem Datsun’s name in the country? We have to wait and see. Keep an eye on the portal Indian Blue Book to know more about upcoming car releases, verdicts and insights into a number of automobiles.

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