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Datsun Redi GO Vs Renault Kwid - IBB Comparison

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The Renault Kwid was a refreshing change when they launched it in 2015. It was a tough looking car with an SUV stance. The Kwid became an overnight star and an aspirational car in the economy hatchback segment. The Datsun, after a false-start with the GO and GO+, is envisaging a comeback in the ultra-competitive economy hatchback segment with the recently launched Redi-GO. The Redi-GO shares the underpinnings and the engine from the successful sibling, the Renault Kwid.

Datsun Redi-GO vs Renault Kwid

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However, Datsun has done extensive work on the platform as well as the design to differentiate the Redi-GO from the Kwid.


Datsun Redi-GO Interior

Interestingly, the Redi-GO doesn’t share a single design element of the Kwid. While the Kwid has a mini-SUV stance, the Red-GO is a well-designed tall boy hatchback. Redi-GO has a prominent and strong signature Datsun grill along with DRLs (yes DRLS!) and a black scuff plate. The side profile is heavily sculpted with prominent creases and lines. The design is complete with a high rear with a chrome strip running across. The car is well proportioned and looks strong and cool. Datsun has some cool colors to complement the design of the car.

Renault Kwid Interior

The Kwid was launched at a time when the SUVs were a rage in India. The Renault brought the Kwid with a full-blown SUV stance. Renault very well adapted the SUV style elements on the tiny footprints of the Kwid. The car has an eye-catching design, with a large and chunky front grill with the big Renault lozenge.  The black scuff plates, large SUVish headlamps and a high set and flat bonnet give an unmistakable SUV stance for the little Renault. The sides have a tall shoulder line and plastic claddings around the wheel well. The rear end is high and simple to complete the design.

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The Redi-GO is 70 mm shorter in wheelbase and 250 mm shorter in overall length compared to the Kwid. The Redi-Go has a 222-liter boot compared to much larger 300-liter boot of the Kwid. The Redi-GO has an airy cabin, thanks to its height (60 mm taller than the Kwid). Being a tall boy, the passengers sit considerably higher inside the Redi-GO. The car has good legroom at the rear as well as the front. Compared to the tall sitting position of the Redi-GO, the Kwid has a more car like and low sitting position. The Kwid has pretty good space inside the cabin.

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The Redi-GO has a well-finished and styled dashboard with lots of cubby holes to store your knickknacks. However, the music system has an ultra-basic design but gets aux and USB slots. The Kwid also gets a decent looking and well-finished dash-board. The top trim of the Kwid gets a touchscreen infotainment system with sat-nav and Bluetooth connectivity. To reduce the costs, both the cars have undergone a lot of cost cutting inside the cabin like exposed sheet metal, lack of inside adjustable ORVMs, rear manual glass winder etc.

Engine and Performance

Both the cars share the three-cylinder 799 CC all Aluminium petrol engine. The engine generates 54 bhp and 72 NM torque. The Datsun Redi-GO is 25 Kg lighter compared the Kwid. Both the cars have decent grunt for ambling in the city. However, the power delivery on the Red-Go is jerkier compared to the Kwid. The engine needs to be revved hard past 3000 rpm to extract power.

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This warrants lot of working with the gears up and down on the highway, especially during overtaking. Also, surprisingly the Kwid has better drivability and mid-range compared to the Redi-GO. Also, the same engine sounds lot more trashy and crude on the Redi-GO. Both the cars returns around 17 kmpl in the city and 21 kmpl on the highway.

Handling and Ride Comfort

The Redi-GO being a taller car comes with a stiffer suspension compared to the Kwid. This aids in the handling of the Redi-Go while negotiating corners. However, the car has more body roll than the Kwid considering the extra height it carries. The ride on the Redi-GO is comparatively bouncy compared to the softer ride of the Kwid. Both the cars have very light steering which doesn’t give confidence to the driver.

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The Datsun Redi-GO undercuts all the cars including the Tata Nano to become the cheapest car available in India. The car is priced from Rs 2.52 lacs for the base D variant to Rs 4.22 for the S variant. The Kwid is also priced aggressively from Rs 2.93 lacs for the base STD variant all the way up to Rs 4.65 lacs for the top-trim RXT opt variant.

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IBB Verdict

Though both the cars share a lot in common, the cars look, drive and feel totally different. The Redi-GO is a tall boy hatchback whereas the Kwid is a hatchback with an SUV flavor. The Kwid is a better car in all aspects, be it looks, ride, refinement and boot space.

Renault Kwid

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However, with a considerably cheaper price tag, the Redi-GO covers up for its shortcomings compared to the Kwid. You will not go wrong with both the cars. If the price is your major criteria go for the Datsun Redi-GO as it offers more bang for your buck compared to the Kwid. However, ask us to pick the better car of the two, our fingers will point to the Kwid.

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