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Kodiaq - Skoda’s new premium SUV

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Skoda - Kodiaq

Skoda is all set to lock horns with the biggies, the Toyota Fortuner and the recently launched new Ford Endeavor! But with what? Yes, Skoda is bringing the Vision S based SUV Kodaiq to India. Skoda will be publicly debuting the car in September 2016 at Berlin, Germany.


The car will have a distinct and unmistakable brawny SUV look retaining the understated elegance associated with the Skoda marque. The car is pitched a rung above the Skoda Yeti. Kodiaq will be sharing design cues from the Tiguan and will be heavily influenced by the Skoda’s new design language, the Vision S concept.

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The car will be a five or seven seater with a range of latest petrol and diesel powered engines. The car shares the underpinning of the Superb (which is really nice), infusing more car characters into the Kodiaq compared to the core SUV based competition. Superb’s comfort and toughness of an SUV, will be an ultimate concoction to beat. The car will deliver class-leading interior space. The middle row has reclining backrest for added comfort and it can slide to accommodate passengers in the third row.

Kodiaq Interior

The car will get a new interior design theme and loads of new features. The car will come with advanced features like blind spot warning, autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control, electrically operated tailgate and heated steering wheel. The infotainment system has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirror link connectivity to offer superior entertainment experience and seamless connectivity with your gadgets.

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The car is expected to come with 1.4 liters/ 2.0 liter TSI petrol and 2.0 liter TDI diesel engines. The car will get optional 4X4 and DSG auto box. Skoda is also planning a hybrid by 2019 and a full battery powered Kodiaq by 2020.

Skoda will be presenting the Kodiaq in the Indian car market in the first half of 2017 calendar year. If priced well the car can give sleepless nights to the Japanese (Toyota) and American (Ford) gazeboes.

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