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Dedicated Electric Vehicle Platform To Be Developed By Tata Motors

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Tata Motors had previously stated that it would lower the number of platforms to 2 from 6. Both the platforms would lead to the building of the 45X hatchback in late-2019 and the H5X SUV in early-2019. The automaker may consider building a third car platform for electric vehicles in case electric mobility takes up 20-25% of total car sales by the year 2026.

Dedicated electric vehicle platform to be developed by Tata Motors

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According to Tata Motors CEO & Managing Director, Guenter Butschek, in case 20-25% of total vehicle sales come from electric vehicles, a dedicated electric vehicle platform could be built accordingly. Currently, electric vehicles take up lower than 1% of total vehicle sales volumes in the country. The platform can be scaled up for developing different vehicles. Electric vehicles according to Butschek may be able to sell in larger numbers with fleets instead of private buyers.

The model may be slotted between 4.5-4.8 m or 3.9-4.3 m according to Butschek. This platform, according to Butschek, could be introduced through car fleets in the country since the private sector will account for lower volumes. Tata Motors has already been manufacturing the Tigor electric vehicle which was unveiled in December 2018, as part of the order for supplying EVs to EESL. Tata Motors may also have a new platform in case the Racemo which uses the multi-material sandwich structure named MOFLex finally sees production.

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