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The Delhi Ban Widens - 10-year old Diesel Cars on the Hit List!

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Key Takeaways

  • Immediate ban on vehicles older than 10 years in Delhi
  • Vehicles aged more than 15 have already been banned in Delhi
  • Registration of old diesel cars will be cancelled – says NGT
  • This current ban has been enforced in Kerala too

Some time back, in New Delhi and Kerala, the Government forbade the registration of new diesel cars which possess engine capacities of 2000cc and over. Carmakers did initially protest to this ban and it did hugely affect them. But in due course of time, they adapted and now, few auto manufacturers are getting into the rhythm and releasing diesel cars with smaller engines. Those who are not on board as yet, have products in the pipeline which they intend to release soon.

Delhi Diesel Ban

Ban after Ban

In addition to the previous ban, recently, a ban with an immediate effect on diesel vehicles which are over 10 years old has been carried out in New Delhi by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). This is in continuation to the previous ban and action is said to be taken against defaulters. This ban has already been put into effect in the South, in Kerala too.Vehicles which are over 15 years and older, have already been banned in Delhi and now this.

A bench headed by the NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar said, “We hereby direct the RTO, Delhi to deregister all diesel vehicles which are more than 10 years old.” The Tribunal has planned that diesel vehicles which cross a decade in age will be banned in about 15 cities throughout the country. The ban was put into action as the Tribunal suggested that: "Pollution levels are at alarming levels and residents of Delhi deserve better." In addition, the Tribunal also mentioned that vehicles coming from neighbouring or other states are also not permitted to enter Delhi. 

Efforts of the Delhi Police

Submissions by the Delhi Police were observed and it was found that several efforts were made by the police to prevent vehicles which were older than 10 years from plying on the roads of the Capital City but their labours were unsuccessful and hence, the Tribunal passed this order. The police, in addition, stated that they have issued challans time and again and imposed fines on the vehicle owners, but the results this action drew was nada.

Certain vehicles were impounded too, but due to the lack of a firm law in this regard; the cars which were seized were release from the magisterial court.

For failing to implement the orders of the NGT by the Delhi Government, this stern action was taken. They also stated that the Government should take efforts in undertaking, creating and spreading the awareness about pollution, especially air pollution caused by vehicles and also the odd and even scheme should be advertised. 

On the Flipside

As any theory goes, there are two sides to the coin. This law does cause inconvenience for the people who have to follow it, but it is an advantage for auto manufacturers. Will a 10-year-old car off the road, keep pollution at bay? Thisis the primary doubt in this case and only time will tell. There are studies which portray that diesel vehicles are not as harmful as depicted and they are not the only piece of the puzzle that need to blamed, although the NGT doesn’t agree with this.

An Escape Clause?

Like all things, this new rule too comes with its share of loopholes which tend to add to the doubts and questions. Despite the difficulty factor, cars which are 10 years or older can be purchased in neighbouring places like Gurgaon or Noida and be driven in Delhi, this of course defeats the purpose of the ban. The purpose with which this ruling has been put into effect lacks clarity.

Let’s See Who Benefits  

While, additional facts about this decision are anticipated, one thing is clear that auto manufacturers are the only ones who are going to benefit by leaps and bounds. Thousands and more cars will be taken off the roads of Delhi. But people who need to commute and those who don’t rely on the public transport will definitely invest in new vehicles.

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