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Delhi’s Odd-Even Vehicle Rule

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The Delhi Government led by Mr. Aravind Kejriwal has implemented the odd-even vehicle rule in Delhi city limits in January 2016.

About the Odd-Even rule:

As per the rule if your vehicle registration number ends with an odd number then you can drive the vehicle on all odd dates and even number on all even number dates. This is applicable for other state vehicles also. This rule was first implemented in 2008 in Beijing during the summer Olympics. This started as a temporary rule but considering the effectiveness this rule was made permanent in Beijing.  This rule is followed was effectively implemented in some cities like Paris, Mexico and Bogota in addition to Beijing.  This restriction is on all days from morning 8 to evening 8, except Sundays. Fine of Rs 2000 will be levied on those breaking the rule.

List of exempted vehicles:

In total 25 categories including CNG cars, two-wheelers, VIPs, women and vehicles used for medical exigencies are exempted.

Why was this implemented?

This is an attempt to drastically reduce the pollution levels. A site www.odd-even.com has been launched by private citizens to connect with people for carpooling.

How to cope with this rule?

The answer is either to use public transport or car pooling. IndianBlueBook gives you some carpooling tips to tide over the odd-even rule.

  1. Explore: You need to look out for people in your neighborhood, nearby streets and near your office for car pooling. Many people think car pooling is sharing your travel with strangers, and many are not comfortable with the same. But, in fact, car pooling is a great idea to meet new people and develop a friendship. Share that you want to be a part of car pooling by discussing it with people, air it on social media etc so that you can find people for carpool.
  2. Starting trouble: Once you decided to car pool, break away that initial starting trouble. As the days go by you will become comfortable and start to enjoy the car pool.
  3. Route and Schedule: Finalize the route and pickup-drop off timings by discussing with fellow carpoolers.
  4. Have a carpool WhatsApp group: This enables you to communicate any changes in your plans or receive information regarding the change in route or schedule from fellow carpoolers.
  5. Finalize the schedule for Driving Responsibilities: There should be a pre-defined allocation of cars to be used on various days.
  6. Reimburse Expenses: There may be members who don’t have a car. Such persons should pay their share of expenses as agreed to fellow carpoolers.
  7. Be Punctual: Decide timings and stick to it. Inform when you are not able to reach on time or not joining the trip for the day.
  8. Etiquette: Decide on rules regarding smoking, music, topics for discussion etc among the members.
  9. Drive smoothly: Don’t try to impress fellow car-poolers with your driving antics, they may get scared. Drive smooth and calm.
  10. Respect: Be pleasant, courteous and respect your fellow carpoolers.

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