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Driving gets a radical future twist via Nissan’s Brain-to-Vehicle Technology

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Nissan has officially unveiled its pioneering research and technology that promise to change the future of driving cars. This technology will help the vehicles to interpret and understand signals emitted by the brain of the driver, thereby transforming the manner in which cars interact with their owners. The Nissan Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) technology will lead to faster driver reaction times and cars will also keep adjusting accordingly, thereby ensuring safer and more fulfilling driving experiences. Nissan will be showcasing this proprietary technology at the upcoming CES 2018 trade show that will be held in Las Vegas.

This is the latest new development under the Nissan Intelligent Mobility programme which manifests the company’s future vision with regard to driving cars and their social integration along with how cars are powered. According to the Executive Vice President at Nissan, Daniele Schillaci, autonomous driving is a concept that may seem quite impersonal and the machines gain more control. However, this technology gives more control to the driver and with brain signals being interpreted, the overall experience is more enjoyable according to Schillaci who added that Nissan Intelligent Mobility aims for a shift to a better new world through more electrification, autonomy and connectivity.

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This new technological advancement from Nissan India comes after extensive research into the usage of technology for interpreting signals given out by the human brain for predicting any discomfort and actions of a driver. Discomfort can be detected in drivers and there can be artificial intelligence for switching driving layouts or style or even taking over in autonomous mode. There will be the prediction of movements like turning the wheel, pressing on the accelerator and so on. This will boost reaction times greatly.

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Dr. Lucian Gheorghe, the senior innovation researcher, Nissan Research Centre, Japan, the technology may also be tapped for adjustments to the internal ambience of a vehicle. The technology may help in adjusting what is seen by the driver and in creating a more peaceful environment via augmented reality according to Gheorghe. This is the first such technological system across the globe and a device will be worn by drivers which will be analyzing all brain wave activities and the autonomous system will then conduct an analysis of the same. Through the prediction of movement, systems can function in various ways like slowing the car down, turning the wheel and so on. These are done at least 0.2-0.5 seconds faster than the driver can execute the actions. A driving simulator will be used by Nissan for showcasing some of these technological systems at CES 2018.

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