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Election and Cars

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Bihar election results are out, and the Lalu+Nitish team managed a run over the Modi led BJP. Err, what is politics and IBB have in common. Yes, very much. Cars play a major role in elections, I guess we managed to convince you establishing a relationship.

Election campaigns in India is a display of power and involves a lot of mind game. Though politics is not our cup of tea, we can tell you something about cars that dominate the Indian election scenes.

Being a political leader, you need to stand apart and high, really high among the supporters. The big and brawny SUVs dominates the Indian political scene. Bigger and taller, the better is the mantra. A leader is nothing without his followers. So to ferry these followers you need reliable people carriers. And there comes the role of MUVs.  

We present you the SUVs and MUVs that dominates the election campaign landscape in India.

Mahindra Scorpio:

Scorpio was our Prime Minister’s choice till he took the heir at PMO at New Delhi. Mahindra Scorpio shot to fame when Modi used a navy green Scorpio for his victory lap post the election results last year. The rough and tough image along with the capability to tackle any terrain, Scorpio is a common scene in the Indian election scene all over the country. Also being a swadesi brand, also earns it some brownie points. Scorpios are powered by two capable engines: 2.2-Liter mhawk engine and 2.5-Liter M2DICR engine.

Tata Safari:

It’s a homegrown brand and it has an intimidating look, to make this an ideal Politician’s campaign car. You sit high and you have loads of space to carry along your supporters too. The car has an evergreen and undeniable SUV look. Like Scorpio, this car can tread its own path making any part of India accessible.

Powered by a 2.2 Liter VARICOR engine that churns out 150 PS@ 4000 rpm and 320 NM torque @ 1700-2700 rpm. The car comes in 4x2 and 4x4 variants. Safari is the favorite campaign vehicle among many top political leaders during campaign time, this includes Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, L.K Advani and Nitish Kumar.

Toyota Fortuner:

Ultimate on road presence, this big and burly SUV has very few competitions when it comes to creating that intimidating presence in a political scene. Coupled with legendary Toyota reliability, no wonder this car is a hot favorite among Indian politicians. Prominent leaders who use Fortuner are Manpreeet Badal, Siddaramiah, Arun Jaitley and Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Toyota Fortuner comes with two engine options: A 2.5 Liter (144 PS @ 3400 rpm & 343 Nm @ 1400-3200 rpm) and a bigger 3 Liter engine ( 171 PS @ 3600 rpm & 360 Nm torque@ 1400-3200 rpm). The car comes in 3.0 Liter 4WD MT & 2WD MT, 3.0 Liter 4WD & 2WD AT and 2.5 Liter AT & MT.

The new Fortuner is already launched in many parts of Asia like Indonesia and Thailand. The new revamp will make this SUV monarch more desirable in the market. The car will continue to use the ladder-on-frame set up and interiors will be plusher and will get more room for the occupants.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The big brother from the Toyota stable is also not alien to election battlefields. The car is the epitome of power and reliability. Any doubts on the Land cruisers, ask any Dubai desert dune drivers or Arab militants. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha trusts her campaign duties on this Toyota. The car is powered by a massive V8 4.5 Liter diesel engine which emanates 265 PS and dishes out 650 Nm torque.

Range Rover & Land Rover

Both the cars from the Jaguar-Land Rover group are also not far behind the Land Cruiser when it comes to creating an impression in the political scene. The DMK family based at Tamil Nadu trusts their Rovers when it comes to their travels during the election times. Stalin has a Range Rover and his elder brother Alagiri has a Land Rover.Range Rover is powered by a 3.0 Liter Diesel 247 PS@4000 rpm and 600 Nm torque.

Toyota Innova

India’s favorite MUV known for its ultra-reliability and car-like comfort is a familiar sight in Indian political scenario. Though the car doesn’t have the imposing stance of a Scorpio or Safari, superior comfort and reliability compensates for the same. AAP leader Aravind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee prefers to travel in an Innova.

Mahindra Bolero

A leader is nothing without his followers. A lot of followers also travel along with the leader. And here comes the role of India’s most trusted and rugged people carrier, the Mahindra Bolero. It’s tough, reliable, fuel efficient and more importantly cheap to buy.

Other cars that are seen in the Indian political scene are:

  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Mahindra Xylo
  • HM Ambassador

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