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The First Glance Of Mahindra KUV100

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The naming of Mahindra S101

So! It is now official! The uniquely code-named, compact SUV, Mahindra S101 is now Mahindra KUV100. In the weeks leading to its unveiling, speculations were rife about what the K represented. Being a compact SUV rendering, the natural assumption was Kompact. Many others interpreted it as a Krossover. And now the Company confirms that the K is just Kool. Yes! Cool! With the TG being the under-30 segment, the name has a fresh, youthful twirl to it with fitting stylized and contemporary looks.

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2016 Mahindra KUV100

The KUV100’s many firsts

  • The KUV100, an all-new compact SUV from the Mahindra automobile stable is definitely touted to be a segment maker, an initiator of sorts; it is definitely aiming to be a trailblazer for both Mahindra and the entire auto industry.
  • The Mahindra KUV100 is the third sub-4 meter vehicle to be launched after the Mahindra TUV300 and Quanto.
  • The KUV100 is set in a monocoque chassis platform. It is the first vehicle in the Indian auto industry to feature ABS even in the lowest trim, made available in all 4 trim levels.

    The first-timer engines
  • The all-new gasoline engine makes its debut with the Mahindra KUV100.
  • The KUV100 is powered by the new-fangled aluminum gasoline engines known as mFalcon which is one of the many firsts for the parent company, Mahindra too. It comes in both diesel and petrol versions.
  • The new lightweight, all aluminum gasoline mFalcon G80 2-litre3-cylinder petrol engine and has been developed in association with SsangYong, Mahindra’s Korean ancillary. With sophisticated technologies, it is fuel efficient with a blend of low friction and high power density. Comes with a ceiling of 82 bhp, @ 5,500 rpm and torque cresting at 114 Nm.
  • The new BS IV emission-rated gasoline turbocharged mFalcon D75 Diesel 3-cylinder1.5-litre is the universal rail design engine with a ceiling of 77bhp @ 3,750 rpm and a peak torque of 190 Nm at 1,750 rpm.

The Mahindra KUV100 and its core renderings

For all purposes, the Mahindra KUV100 is in actuality an opposite SUV in a mini-version. Mahindra KUV100 comes in four trims or models, the K2, K4, K6 and K8, packed with an all-new mFalcon engine that comes in a 1.2-litre G80 petrol and a 1.2-litre D75 diesel version. Its assertive countenance is definitely one of its many pluses.  Coupled with its fuel efficiency, seating capacity, airbags, turbocharged engines, a many-option neat touch screen infotainment system are some of its special attributes.

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The KUV100 interior has a neat ring to it. The complete absolute black finish dashboard, the silver accented steering wheel, console and instrument cluster, the silver, faux wood finish and the leather upholstery is eye-catching and it seems like everything is perfectly positioned and blended. 

The Design Dynamics

With a Ford EcoSport kind of bearing, the just-unveiled Mahindra KUV100 is the second Mahindra sub-4 meter automobile buttressed by a monocoque framework. It has a neat muscled stature that is proportionate with short overhands, approached high sill, an elevated ceiling, lofty beltline and large tire walls with square wheel arches.  The captivating front fascia of the KUV100 is definitely a condensed version of the popular Mahindra XUV 500. The added muscle gives it a chiseled, neatly sculpted feel and renders a protective shield. The crossover element is further enhanced with the perfect metal to glass ratio and thus builds into its character.

Its agile aura is further compounded by cool, trendy sweptback roofline, dynamic fog lamps, the ergonomically designed ring-shaped handle, and the dexterous turbine-inspired alloys. In one unique characterization, the crossover element of the Mahindra KUV100 is referred to as a big-boy hatchback ably supported by the plastic cladding all around. And added to it are its rugged, hard-hitting looks that are forceful, uncompromising and yet impacting.

The SUV sports the signature front grille, a boxy look; neatly sculpted bonnet with everything neatly aligned and offering a seamless integration. This aggressive styling and imposing road presence will definitely impress upon the target audience. The seating for 6 is aimed at 3 in the front and 3 in the rear, an uncomplicated touch screen multimedia and infotainment system which comes with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with stylish taillights, roof-mounted rear spoiler, sporty with high ground clearance all complementing its aggressive look. Dual airbags, ABS and EBS completes its safety features.

Design Patterns & Specifications

Touted to be over 20kmpl

Engine choice

1. The new, all aluminum gasoline turbocharged mFalcon D75 Diesel5-litre common rail design engine

Power - 82bhp @ 5,500rpm | Torque -114Nm @ 3,500rpm

2. The new lightweight, fuel efficient all aluminum gasoline mFalcon G80 Petrol2-litre engine comes with superior technology and a mix of low resistance, high-power density.

Power - 77bhp @ 3,750rpm | Torque - 190Nm @ 1,750rpm to 2,250rpm

5-speed Manual Transmission
2-wheel drive 2WD Drive train system

A good seating capacity of 5-6 passengers


INR 4.42 lakhs to 6.76 lakhs (ex-showroom)

Color variants

  • Pearl White
  • Designer Grey
  • Dazzling Silver
  • Aquamarine
  • Fiery Orange
  • Midnight Black
  • Flamboyant Red

Essential Attributes

The Outer and Exterior

  • A hard-line, aggressive front façade
  • Wrap-around shades
  • Fog headlamps with LED DRLs
  • A chiseled bonnet
  • Wide bearing posture
  • Square wheel arcs
  • High shoulder line
  • Short overhangs
  • A XUV500-takeon front grille
  • Well-rounded roofline
  • Wraparound backside
  • 15-inch wheels

The Inside and Interior

  • Twin-toned premise with a piano black finish dashboard
  • Audio reins steering mounted
  • Power windows
  • Touch screen audio system
  • Climate control buttons positioned on the central console
  • A centre seat that is foldable
  • Leather upholstery
  • A neat ersatz wood and silver finish
  • The steering wheel, central console, instrument cluster with silver accents

Core Safety Components

  • Dual Airbags
  • ABS Anti-lock Braking System
  • EBD Electronic Brake-force Distribution
  • ESP Electronic Stability Program

The TG audience

When the R&D for a brand-new, conceptualized vehicle was underway in the Mahindra lab, a couple key market insights intrigued its makers. The automobile market comprises of 60% youth. And they are the new-age, independent, key influencers. They are a passionate lot who want to stand out amongst their peer, be recognized and identified for who they are, what they are, what they wear, use and drive. They are perceived to seek instant gratification, satiate thrills on the go. But want to be perceived as having a good fetch to their lifestyle.

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To fit into their liberating views and quest for freedom, a restless crowd, who are on the go at any time and live life king-size, like there is no tomorrow, the KUV100 is a specifically automobile catering to the fancy of this TG. And keeping in line, Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan has been roped in as the brand ambassador for Mahindra KUV100. He fits the role model of the ‘get-it-now’ generation, who cannot wait.

What customers are saying

With its unveiling the KUV100, has definitely piqued consumer interest and the incessant curiosity has given rise to reactions and comments that KUV100 is a fitting compact SUV with a masculine, dynamic and aggressive countenance. Coupled with its touch of innovativeness, its style embodied, it is definitely in the league of premium and stylish vehicles and is a fitting tribute to its TG, the youth segment as they are sure to wear it as a status symbol.  

The on-road competitors of Mahindra KUV100

In the market, the Mahindra KUV100 is a sub-4 meter crossover model, a micro-SUV model and set to vie with mini SUVs, hatchbacks and crossovers presently offered. B-segment hatchbacks and crossovers like Hyundai Grand i10, Ford Figo Renault Kwid, Hyundai Eon, Maruti Suzuki WagonR, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, and the new Tata Zica are clearly the vehicles that the sub-4 metre compact SUV, the Mahindra KUV100 is competing with.

Looking forward

With a clear-cut vision, an unambiguous, predetermined target audience, a vanguard automotive aimed and intended to a persuasive, niche segment with great potential and also being the first-of-its-kinds, foraying into an area that has no direct competitor, the Mahindra KUV100 is definitely poised to take great leaps in an automobile market that hasn’t seen anything like this before be it in pricing, style, features and specialties.

The KUV100 is definitely an ambitious, well-researched, thought-out, deliberated, release from the Mahindra lineup. With its introduction in December 2015 and a release in early January 2016, early indicators and consumer chatter definitely gives it a high thumbs up. And yes, the target audience, on-road performance and sale registers will seal the deal.

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