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Ford Mach 1 electric SUV in the works

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An electric performance SUV related to the Mustang is being developed by Ford. The brand would be revealing the first battery-electric performance car with an SUV body style and is quite like the Mustang. The company says that it has learned from the early BUVs that people prefer the 'really nice products'. The president of global operations, Joe Hinrichs, mentions that the plan is to concentrate on electrifying the iconic nameplates and offer cars that have fairly high sticker prices rather than specializing in the electric compacts.

ford mach1 electric suv 2018

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Thus there is also a lot of suggestion that the electric performance SUV would be a derivative of the existing nameplate rather than the full, stand-alone EV. The popular SUV from the company, the Explorer was shown in the announcement video for the project from the brand. It is, however, not confirmed that would be the host model for the Mach1 or not. The Mach1 nameplate had originally been used on the Mustang but confirmation for the production has not started yet. Thus there is a lot of expectations that is lying on the new design of the car. However, the influence of the Mustang design has been confirmed.

Mach1 from Ford is a key part of the new doubling of investments in the electric cars. The investment has gone up from about $ 4-5 billion to about $ 11 billion. The investment has been slightly extended and the investment would extend up to 2012. The Mach1 would be apart from the new cars that would be arriving in 2020. The company would be spending on about 40 new cars between now and 2022. 24 hybrids and 16 full EVs would be developed. Ford is being expected to bring in the refreshed Mustang and the updated Figo into the Indian market. A cross-hatch based on the Figo would also be launched in the coming months.

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