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Ford Mustang at Auto Expo 2016

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A brief overview of the Ford Mustang

All of us having grown up on a steady staple of impressionable Hollywood flicks that featured the Ford Mustang as a mean machine gliding down the highway, just as a pony galloping in full steam, the Ford Mustang, the iconic American car is finally hitting the Indian roads in 2016. It is making its statuesque debut in the Auto Expo 2016. Since its inception in Year 1965 to now, it has undoubtedly garnered a cult-status over time. Ford has sold over 9 million Mustangs   worldwide to date.

Ford Mustang GT

Presently, in its sixth iterative version, and for the first time in its history, The Mustang arrives in India as a right-hand drive, exclusively made and conditioned for Indian roads and settings.  Also the two-door version is made to accommodate at least four occupants and not miss it is packed with greater performance, looks and features.

Initially, the hardtop version will be launched in India followed by the convertible a few months down the line.

One thing is for sure, the all-American, Ford Mustang that has been in the reckoning for more than half a century and is worshipped by car enthusiasts’ world over would render the corona-effect drawing more customers’ to the Ford brand as a whole.

The Mustang's Exteriors

The soon to make its first appearance on the Indian roads, the Ford Mustang presents a much more aggressive stance than its earlier iterations. In fact, the Mustang’s symbolic design character, and its trademark radiator grille with its iconic symbol brings back memories of seeing the Mustang cruising along in many Hollywood action flicks and is definitely a treat for the eyes. Its sleek, rugged profile, together with the neat placement of lights and fog lights does add to its characteristic aura.  Overall, this pony car’s exteriors are captivating and its biggest pluses.

Exterior Specs
Length Width Height Wheel base
188.3 81.9 in 54.4 in 19 in.

The Mustang’s Interiors

At first glance, the Ford Mustang’s interiors are modern and eye-catching. The stylish, luxuriant interiors, the dashboard, the sleek leather seat finishes definitely radiate the awe-inspiring luxury car effect. The neat assortment of controls, the audio systems and the instrument cluster is also one of its many pluses. In short, the interiors evoke the creature comfort effect that adds to the gliding run on road.

The Mustang’s Engine Specs and Transmissions

The India-headed, Ford Mustang, retains most of its iconic engine attributes. This includes the 6-speed, powerful 5 litre, V8 and EcoBoost engine with a manual and automatic transmission gearbox. Its top speed is around 240 kmph and can reach 100 kmph from an idle state in just 5 seconds. And so! Its standalone features is its greatest attributes. Outstanding engine performance is definitely the Ford Mustang’s key takeaways. Its on-road performance is simply incredible. A turbo charging unit is incorporated into the Mustang’s engine and this defines its maximum power performance and torque.

Fuel Transmission Engine Specs Power Torque Speed Mileage
Petrol Automatic 4498cc 310-415bhp 434-525 Nm 240 Km ph 10 -14 kmpl

The pricing for the iconic, dream-vehicle, Ford Mustang has taken into consideration various aspects and also since it is the first CBU, completely imported Made in Detroit vehicle, assembled and setup in Ford’s Detroit plant, the pricing for the 5-liter, V8 model is in the range of INR 50-56 lakhs. And the EcoBoost Engine model is expected to be priced in the range of INR 40-45 lakhs. The Ford Mustang’s immediate competitors would be the BMW 5-Series sedan and the Audi A6.

Auto Expo 2016

The Ford Mustang CBU that is to debut on the Indian Roads in 2016 will be showcased this year, in the Auto Expo 2016.

The 13th edition of the Auto Expo is to be held in New Delhi from February 5th- 9th 2016.

The Auto Expo that is held in capital city, New Delhi, India and is apparently Asia’s biggest and also globally, the second biggest motor show. This much-visited biennial event is organized jointly by the ACMA, Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, the CII, Confederation of Indian Industry and the SIAM, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

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