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Full electric Tata Nano to launch later this year

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For a car whose claim to fame is that it is the cheapest car in the world, many people had stopped buying the Tata Nano quite some time back for fear of being labeled as someone without adequate means of buying a proper car. However, after quite a few remodeling, the Tata Nano is not the Rs 1 lakh car anymore. But the sales had not risen as expected and car was sold as the cheapest car in the world for only up to a point. In fact, even when the car was being remodeled, there are frequent meeting held at the highest levels regarding whether to discontinue the production of the car at all or not, after its 8 year run.

However, the Tata Nano is all set to get a new facelift and it would be ready to be launched as a fully electric car by the end of the year. Which automatically brings up the question – is the Tata Nano going to be the cheapest electric car in the world? The present Indian government had stressed on Make in India but the Nano had all the parts made in India even before this government and this has definitely made it a great Indian car to start with. However, though the car might have new surge of popularity, the electric model would only be sold to taxi services like the OLA cabs and the Bengaluru based Lithium cabs, which already has cars like Mahindra E20 on their list, another electric car which is doing great business currently.

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Tata Nano

The new all- electric Tata Nano car would be the Nano EV and there have been some glitches reported in the initial testing phases though. The car retains the shape of the original Nano model to a certain extent and the interiors are just about alright, but the full electric propulsion feature is the one to watch out for. The motor would be powered by a super- polymer lithium battery and that would promise a driving distance of about 160 km on full charge, which is frankly, not bad at all. If all the necessary changes are made, the production- spec of Nano can already be better than the Mahindra E20, and it has the capacity to cross its 120 km distance of the E20 as well.

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Hence, the Nano EV is bound to be a more powerful car and once the full charging time is also brought a little lower, there is no reason to believe why it should not have good sales. The on- road performance of the car is going to determine whether the car would be sold outside the purview of the cab agencies and once that happens, the Nano might again become a family car- the one that it was launched at. Youngsters today are quite concerned about the environment so it is expected they might want to own a car that does not depend on fossil fuel and does not emit smoke but only time would decide the Nano’s future.

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