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Guess Who’s Back in Town

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5th Gen - Honda CR-V

For first timers sake – First time model is going turbo à manifestation of the popular crossover in its 5th generation!

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Key takeaways:

  • New design and added features
  • Three row seating
  • More spacious – longer and wider
  • First CR-V to get a turbo engine!

Honda has had a line-up of successful vehicles ranging from the Civic to the Accord and of course, the CR-V. Customers are eagerly awaiting the launch of the upcoming Honda stable of cars, especially the fastest selling and ever-popular SUV, the CR-V.

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Spellbound by the two primary factors – design and utility, the Indian market boomed for Honda when the 2nd generation of the CR-V was launched. Although it was a petrol engine, its popularity only grew which is why without a second thought; the 3rd and 4th generation models of the car were introduced. After selling approximately 4 million units of the CR-V across the globe since its inception in 1997, we are now getting to experience the 5th generation model!

It’s all about the pleasing the customer and hence, with a few tweaks this new generation CR-V comes with more technology, space, safety features and a tad different styling. But don’t fear the CR-V still looks the way it’s supposed to, like a CR-V – making sure not too stray too far from the proven formula.

Honda CR-V

Coming to the Exterior

More aggressive, defined fenders and sculpted sides – there’s definitely more visually!

It has added character and what contributes to this? It’s the bonnet which is a little more longish than the prior models and the flared fenders. To give it a more premium and plush look, the vehicle comes speckled with chrome. Additionally, new angles and elements have been given to the front grille. A new system – the shutter grille system has been incorporated which is devised to lower the aerodynamic drag.

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Couple of features which are visible are:

  • LED daytime running lights.
  • Hands free power tailgate which can be activated by a kicking motion.
  • 30mm longer, 35mm wider and taller.
  • Increased wheelbase of 40mm.

Popping the Hood

The most prominent change is under the hood. It comes fitted with an all-new 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine which has 4 cylinders and produces a power of 190BHP and a torque of 288Nm. There’s always a choice for the buyers, if not this then you can opt for the 2.4L, 4-cylinder engine which produces 184BHP. Both the above mentioned engines will come linked to a CVT.

What’s it Like On The Inside?

The CR-V now comes with three row seating and the increased wheelbase contributes to more spacious cabin.

A load of features too have been added.

  • Instrument panel with two new screens – 7 inch touchscreen and a driver interface
  • New navigation system which has been developed in collaboration with Garmin
  • A volume knob for the music system (touchscreen with a volume knob) unlike the previous models where you had to touch the screen to increase and decrease the volume – a quick task while driving
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Electric parking brake
  • Rear USB charging ports
  • Remote start
  • Intricately stitched seats
  • Upgraded materials

What’s fascinating is that the benchmark of this car was set to the BMW X3 which is certainly quite interesting.

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Honda CR-V

Safety Is Top Priority

To keep you safe, there are a ton of safety features which comprise of:

  • Road-departure mitigation
  • Collision-mitigation braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind spot detection
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Rear cross traffic monitor
  • Automatic high beam headlamps

It’s a perfect blend of old and new which is what adds that extra touch to the 5th generation CR-V. It’s all ready to take on the market all over again, considering the first time it came out was a success. Most definitely, this will have a familiar feel for longtime owners of the CR-V. Well, how can you blame Honda? – sticking to the script was the point; after all they didn’t sell so many CR-Vs for nothing!

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