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Here’s closely examining the 2017 Maruti Suzuki CelerioX

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The 2017 Maruti Suzuki CelerioX is a new version of the hatchback and has definitely attracted more enthusiasts to the brand. This is a more stylish and rugged variant of the regular Celerio although it is not a full-fledged crossover like the Hyundai i20 Active or other rivals. The CelerioX gets the same 165 mm of ground clearance like the regular model. The body panels are also the same although there is extra faux black body cladding throughout the sides of the car. There is a slightly tweaked design for the bumper in front along with two bands in faux black which run vertically from beneath the headlamps. Higher variants get the same alloy wheels as the regular Celerio but there is a black finish for the same here. There are black wheel caps for the lower trims of the CelerioX as well. The new Paprika Orange color is exclusive for the CelerioX too.

The cabin is quite similar to the regular Celerio but sports an all-black interior theme coupled with silver accents. There is the regular model’s infotainment system with Bluetooth, AUX and USB. There is no automatic climate control feature even for top-end variants. There is the same petrol K-Series 1.0 litre engine that makes 68 hp and 90 Nm. There is also a 5-speed manual transmission system along with an AMT option. The car drives and feels just like the regular Celerio and offers good ride and handling overall.

Maruti Suzuki CelerioX

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The CelerioX does not have any direct rival in the market and may end up competing with the Kwid which has SUV/crossover-esque design touches. The CelerioX is costlier than the regular model by Rs. 8, 000 and it does look different but mechanically, it is identical to the regular version.

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