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Honda Has Launched The Special Edition City, Amaze and WR-V

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Honda has recently launched its model such as Amaze compact sedan, City sedan, and WR-V compact crossover as well. This launch was made in India and the City’s special edition model comes with the emblem of the “20th Anniversary Edition”. This is done as a respect to its 20th Anniversary in India. Because of the soon replacement, the models Amaze and the WR-V will have the “Pride Edition and “Edge Edition” monikers as well.

20th Anniversary Edition Of The Honda City

20th Anniversary Edition Of The Honda City:

In the model of the Honda City of 20th Anniversary, The Honda City will have a chrome finish garnish in the sides, front bumper’s center, lower edges of the doors as well as in the boot lid. They also provided a free subscription for one month to it’s connect app in this special edition model of Honda. This model has the top spec ZX variant and is available in two variants such as the petrol-CVT variant and the diesel manual variant. The price of the top-spec ZX petrol variant will be Rs. 13.75 lakh, and for the diesel manual variant it will be Rs. 13.82 lakh.

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Pride Edition Of Honda Amaze:

Pride Edition Of Honda Amaze

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This Amaze pride edition of Honda will have protectors for the doors on the outside. It also has much more features on the inner side of the car too and so it adds some extra value to this model than the existing one. This Honda Amaze borrows the interior package of the Honda City which is the DIGIPAD infotainment system. This DIGIPAD infotainment system will have a seven-inch touchscreen along with the navigation system.

This package of the Honda Amaze also consists of leather seat covers which will be embedded with the pride edition of Amaze and it also includes a front center armrest and a new steering wheel cover as well. The good thing about this model is it also adds the rear parking sensors in this model. The pride edition of the Amaze S(O) variant is available in both the petrol and the diesel variants. The price of the petrol variant will be Rs. 6.30 lakh and the price of diesel variant will be Rs. 7.83 lakh.

Edge Edition of the Honda WR-V:

Edge Edition of the Honda WR-V

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The Honda WR-V is the first compact crossover of Honda in the country and it was launched in the year 2017. After its launch, it has chased the City in the sales and becomes a best seller for the carmaker. The edge edition of the Honda WR-V consists of the same 16-inch alloy wheels but it has a gunmetal finish which differs from the normal one.

The features of the Edge edition model includes a rear camera which has a display on the inner side rear view mirror, rear parking sensors and the Honda Connect app along with a free subscription for one month. The WR-V Edge edition has a base S variant which will be used as a base and it also provides both the petrol as well as the diesel variant. The price of the petrol variant will be Rs. 8.01 lakh and the price of the diesel variant will be Rs.9.05 Lakh.

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