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Rely on IBB Used Car Valuation Guide

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Introduction to Used Car Valuation

Used car Valuation is not an easy or cut out task. If you are looking for used car valuation online on IBB, then the precise pricing is arrived at after a detailed research, study, verifications, price checks, the different transactions, user feedback and of course the final word of approval from the users’. We also rely on many indexing tools and reports that are based on different criteria and parameters. But one thing, you can rest assured is that IBB will offer you the best value guaranteed!

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

  1. The Pricing: The plain, obvious reason is that used cars are comparatively cheaper than new cars. And if you have the budget, you can buy a higher model, variant in the brand of your choice.
  2. Reduced Value: Cars always end up losing their value, with the passing of every month, year, and also mileage clocked on the odometer. Sometimes, surprisingly, the cars depreciate in the first year of purchase itself. But on the contrary, used cars do not depreciate in value so much or at that rate.
  3. Insurance Pricing: Insurance policies are a lot cheaper than that of new cars. So when you shop around for insurance policies for your new, used car, you will be surprised at the lower premium rates.
  4. Wider Choice at Cheaper Rates: When you are shopping for used cars online or with individual buyers, you may have or may not have some preconceived likes or wants. Generally, the availability for used cars in dealerships or online is a lot more and yes, cheaper of course. Sometimes, the models maybe discontinued, but you still would like to own one and you will get it in the used car market.

Making Sense of Car Valuation

The used car value or valuation is essentially the final pricing arrived at after considering various factors and condition of the vehicle.

Accordingly, the valuations are different for-

  1. When you sell or trade-in a used car, the pricing for the actual trade-in or sale of the car based on its make, model, year, mileage and of course, brand.
  2. The trade-in car value is only specific to the place, website, or dealership.
  3. You can also get a used car value from private parties with whom you have engaged to either buy or sell a vehicle and also adverts or classifieds.
  4. At the used car dealership, all used cars for sale have a fixed car retail pricing determined by the dealership.

Ways to Evaluate Your Used Car Value

  • Dependable online evaluation sites like IBB, Car Trade, Cardekho can be relied upon for precise and accurate, used car values. After entering certain requisite values and information, you will get an instant pricing for your used car. This is an easy and sure shot way to understand what you will get when you sell your car or what you may have to pay when you buy a used car.
  • You can visit local used car dealerships like Mahindra First Choice to understand used car values and to also find good used cars of your choice brand and model.
  • You can seek the help of professional inspectors like Autoinspekt from IndianBlueBook or even appraisers who will inspect the used car you are planning on selling or buying and based on this report, you will know where you stand.

To Aid Used Car Valuation - The Handy Autoinspekt Product from IBB

Specialized Inspection Service, a call away!

With the intuitive product from IndianBlueBook, the Autoinspekt, the guesstimate days are over!

  • If you are keen on buying a used car, but wary of underlying problems or hidden issues with the car, seek professional help from IBB’s, Autoinspekt.
  • With, this a lot of your problems are solved, a burden is off your shoulders, and you don’t have to take anyone’s feedback on face value.
  • You can get a professional inspector to inspect your vehicle and give you an accurate evaluation report online!
  • It is very simple and easy and can be scheduled anytime!

Pictorially represented Steps to the Used Car Valuation Guide on Indian Blue Book

Landing Page of the Used Car Valuation Guide

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The First Step in Determining the Value of Your Used Car

Depending upon whether you are here to Sell a Car or Buy a Car, please click on the button of your choice accordingly

select buy or sell a car

The Precise Pricing is arrived at by

Your Car Value Page

Parting Shot

Today, in the market if you want to evaluate or determine the actual value of a used car, both buyers and sellers have many ready reckoners available. And the easiest way, would be to go online to websites like IBB, and get an instant pricing. You could also engage a professional evaluator to inspect the vehicle and compare their report. At least, you will be well-informed and better prepared in advance!


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