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How to Prevent Car Theft

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A car is an object of desire and it costs lot of money. Not only the car but also the valuable within it are a target for car thieves. In 2015 a car is stolen every 13 minutes in Delhi! The car security systems have improved technologically over the years and the techniques used by the thieves to break them as well. However, some precautionary measures from your end will reduce the chances of your car getting stolen.

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IBB tips to prevent your car getting stolen:

Double check: Check whether the car is locked. These days most of the cars come with remote equipped central locking system. You hear a faint beep sound as well as the indicators flashing while the car is locked. Also check whether the locks are activated by pulling the door lever. In short, don’t just press the lock button on the key fob and walkaway.

Invest on a good Anti-theft Security System: If your car doesn’t come with a security system (many of the lower end car variants), invest on an Anti-theft security system from a reputed manufacturer.

Park in well-lit places: While parking the car in public places, ensure to park the car in well-lit places and has some crowd. This deter the thieves from trying to break in.

Use additional security locks: A steering lock or gear lock can be used as an additional security lock. As the thief need to put in more effort to break these additional locks, probability of your car getting stolen get reduced.

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Don’t keep valuables inside: Don’t keep valuables like laptops, tablets, mobiles, wallet etc. inside the car.

Keep the keys safe: Easiest way for the thief to steal your car is to steal the keys themselves. Hence always keep the keys in safe custody.

Don’t keep the car running when driver is not inside the car: Never keep the car engine running when the driver is not inside the car. The thief can get inside the car and drive away in a blink of an eye.

Invest on a GPS car tracker: Yes, it is worth the money. This enables you to track the car just in case the car is stolen. Most of the time thieves are not aware that your car is GPS tracked.

Etch number: Etch the car’s registration number on the windshield and windows. This helps the police to identify your car easily.

The other car protection: If you have more than a car at home, use the less desirable carin at the back for protection.

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