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Huge Success Of Volkswagen After Their Pune Plant Produces 150150

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Last year, the Pune production facility of Volkswagen has produced about 1, 50,150 units involving the Skoda Rapid along with Volkswagen Ameo, Polo and Vento. Along with these cars, 1.5L and 2.0L diesel engines are also being assembled at this facility.

Let’s take a closer look into the production facility

Since 2009, the Pune production unit of Volkswagen has come up with the highest production of units counting 1.5lakhs. The company officials have said that this humongous amount of production has only been possible due to a combined demand of cars in the domestic as well as export markets. In Pune, a range of vehicles including Volkswagen Polo, Ameo, Vento and Skoda Rapid are produced.

Along with these cars 1.5L and 2.0L diesel engines are also being assembled here. The production number of 1.5lakhs has been a combined effort of Volkswagen and Skoda. The domestic volume included around 57000 units of Volkswagen and Skoda combined, while the international volume has sold over 93000 units combining Polo and Vento.  Till date about 87000 units have rolled out from this Pune production facility.

Volkswagen Cross

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Here’s what the managing director has to say following the huge success

Words from the Managing Director, Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd have come up prior to the success. He has thanked the customers for their belief on the company and has trusted to invest a lot of time, money and effort in the production company. He further said that the company is constantly striving to deliver engineered cars that meet up customers’ expectations and comfort. With the customers support and belief he aims to achieve new heights for Volkswagen.

A brief note after the success

After this huge success, the Pune plant has managed to attract an investment amounting to 5720crores along with localization levels of upto 82 percent.  There are more wonders to come from this plant in the upcoming times.

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