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IBB Review : BMW M 760 Li xDrive V12

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Since 1977, the 7-Series is the flagship car in the BMW line-up. BMW passionately blended driving pleasure with comfort into this one like no other car in the luxury car segment in the world of automobiles. Now, BMW presents you the fastest ever BMW made and it is available right now in India. It is the BMW M 760 Li xDrive V12. The most powerful and the most expensive BMW right now available in India. The car gives you the ludicrous amount of power in an ultra-luxury package.

Please take a note that it’s not an M7. Though BMW has focussed on performance than any 7-Series built till date, this is not a full-bore M car. However, as mentioned earlier BMW has perfectly balanced brute power with posh in this piece from the Munich. The car comes in two versions: the sporty M760Li XDrive and the more classy and elegant M760Li XDrive V12 Excellence.


Sleek and powerful stance with an overdose of elegance!

The gaping signature BMW front grille, massive 20-inch wheels, vestigial boot lid spoiler and the subtle M-accents makes this car a perfect concoction of sportiness and elegance. The M-stamps shrewdly indicates the performance intentions of this lux-o-barge. There is also a V12 Excellence version with predominantly more chrome element, just in case you want a more classy looking 7.


This is a flagship in every sense without any speck of doubt. The 5.2m wheelbase ensures bucket loads of interior space. The dashboard gets largely familiar BMW design. BMW has not left any stones unturned to ensure that each and every part exudes class and elegance.

The backseat is nothing short than a masterpiece.

The seats are massive with more than enough legroom and shoulder room. Both rear passengers get 10-inch seatback screens. There is a pop-out table on the arm-rest that can practically control everything right from the window shades to the panoramic sunroof. In the four-seat configuration, the rear passengers get a pull-out table to work or rest your champagne glasses. The seats can give you a massage after that stressful board meeting or a demanding business deal!

Coming to the front, the driver is treated by a leather-wrapped M steering with the heating facility with the digital instrument above it. There are brushed silver panels around the climate and stereo elements that blend beautifully with woodgrain and piano black elements. The large sunroof, known as the sky lounge has around 15000 illuminating elements to give that starry-sky experience inside the BMW. The interiors are finished in

Engine and Performance

0-100 in 3.7 seconds and mind it weighs 2.2 tonnes!

The V12 twin turbo petrol engine sitting inside this 7 pumps out a jaw-dropping 610hp peak power churned out at 5,500 rpm and 800Nm turning torque at a lazy 1500 rpm. BMW uses an xDrive all-wheel drive system which sends power to all the four wheels. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. The car can actually go up to 350 km/h if not limited.

The flappy paddle shifters behind the M-Stamped chunky leather steering wheel right away gives enough indications of its sporty performance intentions.

The monstrous V12 lends out a rich thumping tone which seamlessly vents out an endless stream of torque and brute power to all the four wheels, launching the 2.2-tonne car with startling acceleration which you will never expect from a car in this segment. Slot into the sports mode, click the launch control on and stamp the gas pedal and watch this car climbing and beyond the triple digit mark with ultra-ease.

The power is transmitted from the V12 power pot to all the four wheels by an 8-speed Steptronic Sports transmission. The specific M Performance tuning of the shift programmes is adapted to the characteristics of the V12 twin turbo engine. Shift paddles on the steering wheel allow gear changing in sporty style. The transmission also features a Launch Control, ensuring optimum acceleration under all conditions. The compact build, low weight and the perfect interplay with the Auto Start Stop Function are also instrumental in significantly lowering fuel consumption and reducing exhaust emissions.

Ride and Handling

Immense power and immense bulk usually don’t go well together. However, surprisingly BMW has managed to tame this beast well. It definitely doesn't hide its bulk fully. But, it holds pretty well on even the most demanding twisties and corners even while carrying impressive speeds around the corners. The BMW’s Executive Drive Pro suspension plays its part pretty well to keep the things under control all the time. The car always felt predictable, thanks to the sharp and direct BMW’s Integral Active Steering. Integral Active Steering benefits the driving dynamics by adjusting the steering angle of the front and rear wheels to match the speed, thus further increasing handling and directional stability. It masters accelerated cornering and fast lane changes with inimitable agility. The different parameters of the steering electronics are linked directly with the Driving Experience Control. They are activated by selecting the appropriate driving programme and are specially tuned to the dynamic character of the BMW M760Li xDrive. The car surprisingly feels light and nimble on the twisties and the steering frees up on arrow straight highways.

BMW has not very well knows the importance of ride comfort of car which belongs to the luxury limousine class. The difference between the comfort and sports mode is wide than any BMW ever made. The comfort mode, transform the new 7 into a supremely comfortable and cosseting executive cruiser while being chauffeured around.

IBB Rating & Verdict BMW 760li xDrive v12

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