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IBB Review Mahindra XUV 500

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The recent trends suggest three things: human beings are becoming lazier, car buying public’s love for BIG SUVs is on the rise and car manufacturers are all ears for the car buyers. Automatic cars were a rarity just half a decade back. Those days, automatics were fuel guzzlers driven by the Gulf or US of A returned uncles. However, the car buying public slowly was realizing the convenience of automatics; especially in the dog, eat dog city traffic battles. To cut the long story short, Mahindra just launched the XUV 500 with an auto-box!

Mahindra XUV 500 Interior

No, it is not the same auto-box what you spot on the Scorpio. Mahindra has shoehorned an all new six-speed box made by a gearbox company, Aisin. Moreover, there is a shifter switch on the side of the gear knob (yes you read it write, a SWITCH on the knob) if you wish to change cogs as per your command. Mahindra has fantastically integrated the gearbox to dance to the tunes as per the engine characteristics. On a lighter foot, the gears up shift in the 1750 rpm range and on heavier inputs the gears hold on till 3500 rpm and the gearbox don’t spoil the party by up shifting early during spirited driving.  Also, as mentioned earlier, the gearbox has a button for manual interventions, when you are in the right moods for it. We observed that the shifts are smooth and we didn’t come across much lag between the gears in the automatic as well as the manual modes.

The car is powered by the same mHawk 140 engine, as the name suggests churns out 140 bhp. The cars hit the ton mark around 12 seconds. The dynamics are as good or as bad the manuals and the car spot disc brakes on all the four wheels. The car comes in W8 and W 10 variants and cost a lakh more than their manual counterparts.

IndianBlueBook Verdict

Mahindra XUV 500, a road proven SUV from the Mahindra stable ticked all the right boxes of an SUV aspiring customer at a competitive price tag. With the auto-box, Mahindra has added some extra spice (for good) to an already lip smacking XUV curry.

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