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Vehicle inspection a must have !

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Having a formal car inspection by a third party before buying a used car is often ignored. There seems no reason why do buyers toss their lakh in buying a car, with checks that include little more than having a petite glimpse, under the hood and test-driving around for a while. It’s not hard to figure out the reason that dissuade car buyers from going ahead with this vital decision.

What most buyers lack to find out?

  • Most of the customers are unaware of the fact that good inspections for used cars are readily available.
  • Many people don’t want to spend the extra bucks for the inspection.
  • Some people are so much overly possessed with their decision to buy a particular car that they disregard this aspect. They fail to figure out that this small step can save them from numerous hardships in future.
  • Some people find it bothersome to convince the dealer or the seller for having a car inspection.

But as already mentioned, this step is vital and can safeguard your future car usage experience and it may come to you as a surprise that with a little arrangement, the inspection procedure can be a fast, expedient and rewarding process. A clean inspection report assures you to go ahead with your purchase in confidence. If it reveals somewhat of a tattered past, you can hold back on your decision or bargain for a lower price as per the scenario revealed and negotiate the price with respect to the pertinent repair costs.

Most of the sellers would allow you to take the car for inspection, or prefer to have a mobile inspection at their location. If you see any hesitation on the seller’s part, there might be a chance that something is out of place that creates suspicion.

Pre-purchase Inspection – A vital step

Experts have a common view that used cars must go through inspection before settling the final purchase price. For an ordinary car buyer, even if he or she is savvy, the exact condition and technical details of the car is difficult to comprehend.

Is it for the Seller?

If you are a seller, does it add value to the car, getting it certified by an expert? ‘Yes it does’. A seller can also voluntarily take steps to get the vehicle inspected and presented for sale with a condition certificate. It adds credibility to the car, thus helping in an easy and quick sale.

Pertinent costs and coverage

Automotive experts have a common view that a good inspection serves multiple purposes:

  • It verifies the various equipments or options present in the car.
  • Verify the existing condition of the used car.
  • Reveals the hidden issue and problems with the frame, body and engine.
  • Discover engine codes for revealing engine problems.
  • It enhances the confidence level and the value of the vehicle.

With that said about how vital pre-purchase inspection of a used car is, let’s now discuss about the ways required to get the inspection done.

Pre-purchase inspection of a used car – How to go about it?

About 90% of the used cars are sold and purchased between unknown people. Hence, there’s a serious need to fill this gap and enhance the confidence level in these dealings. When you employ a used car inspection service, you get a series of benefits over the customary way of finding a nearby mechanic for the job.


The Autoinspekt Way – Comprehensive Car Inspection in 3 Easy Steps

Reliable car inspections services such as Autoinspekt have brought efficacy and convenience in this segment, by allowing buyers and sellers to get a hassle free and expedite inspection of the car under consideration. To get out of this quandary regarding the precise price of a used car, get a comprehensive and truthful report about the car history in just three easy steps.

  • Schedule Appointment
  • Get the car inspected
  • Download the comprehensive report

While there is so much information available on the web about every type of car, but to say something about a particular car, one should go through car inspection. A professional has to verify what’s wrong with the car you have decided to purchase and not only about the wrong part, inspection also tells you what’s right in the car.

Hence, having car inspected in a professional manner to judge the best price gives you peace of mind as a shopper, because you are sure that you are going to buy a reliable vehicle.

Auto inspection service – To build confidence and trust

A tail-to-tip inspection, if performed in a correct fashion, can tell you whether you are about to buy a great used car or stepping into a horrible set of problematic issues.

Getting a used car inspected for possible flaws in the engine and hood along with inferring its condition as well as getting an idea on appropriate price is a win-win situation for both buyers as well as sellers. As a buyer, you are confident that your purchase is trustworthy and reasonable; while on the other hand as a seller the inspection report provides value tag and competency to your used car and you can deal with your prospective customers in a more enlightened atmosphere.

Autoinspekt has helped in breaking the myth, that auto inspection procedure is costly; starting at just INR 1200/- Autoinspekt auto inspection service works to fill the gap between buyers and sellers with trustworthiness and poise.

Benefits of hiring a used car inspection service

  • No scurrying here and there to find a good technician for used car inspection.
  • No ambiguity regarding the qualification of the technician inspecting the car.
  • No hesitation regarding the neutrality of the mechanic inspecting the car.
  • Get the car inspected at the location of your choice.
  • Facility for getting the inspection performed at a time of your choice according your convenience and availability.
  • Transparent report highlighting both, strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle under consideration.
  • A systematic procedure adopted with the help of a checklist to ensure that every aspect has been covered.

Today, a professional used car inspection service provides an extra edge to your purchase, making it a trustworthy and welcome decision saving you from paying extra for the car with multiple issues. Further, its’ turning out to be beneficial for the sellers too in the sense that it designates a condition level of the vehicle and provides it a value tag.

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