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Jaguar Land Rover unveils special connected technology at CES 2018

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Jaguar Land Rover is steadily moving towards ensuring ultra-swift connectivity as per the brand’s official announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 held at Las Vegas which is the biggest such consumer electronics show across the globe. All future Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be benefited by the highly advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am Automotive platform. Customers can experience unlimited in-car entertainment options, excellent connectivity and downloads over the air. The platform will scale up overall intelligence of the vehicle along with awareness for enhancing road safety.

According to the Executive Director of Product Engineering at JLR, Nick Rogers, this is the apt platform for showcasing the technological evolution of JLR in the future which will greatly enhance experiences of customers. The collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies is a major breakthrough along with the Snapdragon 820Am Automotive platform which will offer pioneering 5G technologies for future vehicles along with enhancing personalization, connectivity and safety.

Jaguar Land Rover is partnering with Gentex for integrating HomeLink Connect into the InControl apps so that drivers can easily control home devices from the infotainment units of their vehicles. This technology enables the I-PACE which is the first electric car from the brand, to be easily connected to the world of customers, enabling adjustments for heating systems, switching on the home lighting systems, unlocking the doors and even more without using their phones from the driver’s seat. Gentex is also displaying the Full Display Mirror which snares video from a camera that is rear-facing and streams this video feed to the LCD-integrated mirror in future JLR vehicles, thereby offering panoramic and unobstructed views from behind the vehicle.

The Touch Pro Duo system from Jaguar Land Rover is being showcased by Panasonic. This technology works just like a butler (albeit digitally) and comes in the Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover models. The screen technology created by Panasonic is complementary to the intuitive user interface made by Jaguar Land Rover. JLR has entered a strategic partnership with CloudCar which has progressed in creating the new generation cloud-based infotainment solution that will be shown at CES for the Velar.

Jaguar Land Rover

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This highly futuristic infotainment unit makes use of machine learning and understanding of natural languages for generating a totally customized driver experience. JLR remains committed to road safety and specializes in data security. LISNR is one of the portfolio start-ups for Jaguar Land Rover and will be showing the data-over-audio solution which enables secure, short-range wireless transmissions through all devices which are connected. The usage of sound, as the data transfer conduit, eliminates the need for traditional connectivity solutions or pairing devices. LISNR can be used across offline environments for several functions such as user authentication, remote app pairing and keyless access.

Quanergy offers LiDAR and other sensors to JLR and will be showing 3D Aware Smart Sensing Technology. This advanced connectivity is helping in ensuring better self-driving technologies, enabling JLR vehicles to learn responses in a very human-esque manner. Mycroft AI is another portfolio start-up which will be showing the first open source digital assistant in the world. This smart software solution enables companies for deploying intelligent personal assistants almost anywhere across the globe.

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