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Jaguar XE Auto Expo 2016

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The Jaguar XE- Synopsis

From London to Delhi with a couple unveilings in between at motor shows world over, the Jaguar’s XE model, which as termed by the company, ‘its make or break model’ is setting foot on Indian soil with its first sightings at the Auto Expo 2016 that is held in New Delhi. Creatively designed and collaborated, there is a lot of promise in this sleek all-aluminium body aerodynamically designed, reasonably priced, sports saloon luxury car that is definitely aimed at hooking the youth. 

The Jaguar XE is most definitely a decisively important sports sedan for Jaguar. As it is the first time a vehicle has been designed, created and marketed as a sustainable and also an affordable model. And it is set in an all-aluminium body coupled with technically advanced features and components and it is definitely a model car, which if it becomes a hit, there are more to be unveiled in future on similar lines.

Jaguar XE Exteriors

The neatly constructed, aluminium lightweight and stylish bodywork put in an ensemble model to deliver incredible on-road performance and enhanced driving comfort is visible in the new sports saloon car, Jaguar XE.  And revving down the road in this automobile is just thrilling!

For the first time in Jaguar’s history, an all-aluminium body cast has been used. And its advantages include a benchmark in vehicular architecture. A lightweight aluminum alloy is used so that the desired design and the required on-road driving levels and performance are achieved. Therefore, in this revolutionary design idea an aluminium-intensive monocoque has been employed.

Jaguar XE Interiors

The good-looking exteriors of the Jaguar XE continue to its interiors too, where you can see its magnificence up, close and personal.  The spacious cocooned seating, with a deep centred console, renders a cockpit like feel to it. And the instrument cluster and panel definitely adds to its sports saloon car image. The tasteful and expensive materials and finishing definitely speaks volumes of the Jaguar craftsmanship. There is an air of premium classiness and it is the first time in Jaguar’s history that an electric steering is in use. Easy to navigate, with state-of-the-art features and systems, riding a Jaguar XE is definitely going to be a joy forever.

Jaguar XE Engine Specs and Transmissions

For the ride of a lifetime, the ultimate in performance engine, the Jaguar XE engine comes supercharged and loaded with a 2.0 litre V6 F-Type engine. With impressive performance, fuel efficiency and an engine that adds to the character build-up of the car, the vehicle can rev from an idle state, i.e. 0 to 100 kmph in just 5 seconds. The engine also features a unique design wherein there is a reduced carbon footprint.

Variants Transmission Engine Specs Power Torque Speed Mileage
Petrol Portfolio (240PS) Automatic 1999cc  240 340 250 km/h  13.05 kmpl 
Petrol Pure (200PS) Automatic 1999cc  200 320 237 km/h  13.06 kmpl

Jaguar XE Pricing and Competition

The surprising element of the new sports saloon car, the Jaguar XE is its pricing. This is literally the first time Jaguar has launched a sustainable and affordable vehicle that is offered in the starting price range between INR 39 to 46 lakhs. And its closest competitors in the luxury sports car segment are the BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and the Mercedes Benz C-class models.

The Auto Expo 2016

After a couple unveilings in the international motor show circuit, the Jaguar XE a saloon sports car makes its grand entry into India and is debuting in the Auto Expo 2016.

The Auto Expo is held in New Delhi from February 5th - 9th 2016.

This Auto Expo is supposedly Asia’s biggest and also internationally, the second biggest motor show. This is happens biennially and is jointly organized by the ACMA, Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, the CII, Confederation of Indian Industry and the SIAM, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers

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