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This January 15th Mercedes Will Globally Unveil Its G-Class

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Recent news have come up that, Mercedes has a brand new model to offer in the New Year. On January 15th there will be a global release of the G-class. The flagship off-roader vehicle will be showcased at the upcoming Detroit motor show.

Forehand news prior to release

Many images of the G-class have been leaked prior to its official debut.  As reported, there are minimal changes however in the overall SUV model, yet few exterior changes have been done on the headlamps and grille.

Interior images have also been leaked that show an increased space from the instrument cluster towards the center of the car, thus giving more bootleg space. Also rumors have come up that digital display along with infotainment screen have been installed in higher models, however cheaper models are expected to get traditional analog dials.

Save Mercedes G-Class

What are the expected changes in the brand new G-class?

The new off-roader from Mercedes will have a luxurious interior and strong resemblance to the S-class. The G-class is expected to inherit much of interior features from the S-class molded with a few substantial changes. Following features have been reported about the new G-class off-roader:

  • Dashboard has fewer buttons, much like the S-class with a clearer design and metallic buttons equipped on the steering wheel.
  • This tough off-roader has metallic vent surrounds, which makes it more rugged.
  • Few techies claim that the software installed in the G-class will continue to be in top for about the next 10-15 years.
  • Considerable changes have been made on the engines too. The new G-class will be powered by latest AMG’s turbocharged 4.0litre petrol engine with a combination of 9-speed automatic gearbox.
  • A completely fresh design has been given for the G-class, equipped with aluminium framework, which reduces weight by almost 160kgs along with a 30% increase in torsional rigidity.

With all these developments the new G-class is all set to hit the dusty roads and the rugged terrains.

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