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Japanese Carmaker “Lexus” Is Going To Launch “LS 500h” In India

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Japan is a wonderful as well as unique place which is well known for luxurious items. The luxury carmaker of Japanese “Lexus” is going a launch a top range model car “LS sedan” in India. It will be launched in January 2018 and the hybrid version which is to be launched in India will be “LS 500h”. The LS was introduced in the world of Lexus in the year 1989 and make it a bonafide luxury carmaker. Also, the LS has expanded the line-up of the Lexus and the latest model of it took place in the Detroit Motor Show which took place in the year 2017 and also it made a revolution.

Exciting Features Of LS500h:

The carmakers are now looking up its previous models to upgrade it as per the current generation of a new age. It will have an oversized hourglass-shaped grille and its length will be 5.2 meters wide with a 3.1-metre wheelbase. The interior is planned to be different from a typical design of Lexus. It will have an excellent surfacing dashboard and instead of physical buttons, it will be made to have multiple screens. The cabin will also be made up of materials of highest quality.

The person who occupies the front seat will feel a comfort zone as it includes 28-way adjustable electric functions such as heating, cooling, massage functions and much more. The front occupants will feel the comfort zone as they were in their house seat. The LS 500 will be planned to maximize the facility much more and for the backrests, it will have a 48 degree reclines. The latest model of LS will also offer you with noise suppression to make your car quieter than the normal model.

LS 500h


They will also launch it in the form of 500h than the LS 500. The powertrain of this model will have a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine and two electric motors which have the capability to provide 354hp. The power to the engine will be transferred by means of an e-CVT transmission. From abroad, it is sold in both the form of all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive and it will also be sold in India. It also offers a new vehicle management system and also0 more direct steering.

The new model of LS offers you to have a higher degree of pleasure while traveling. It also gives them a new experience. Though this amazingly featured model is going to be launched in India, the price of the car will be very high by competing with BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz. The Lexus is now accepting the bookings of the car. The goal of the carmaker is to give a big as well as comfortable coach and to satisfy their customers

Because of this only they are leading in the market by providing luxurious cars with unique as well as innovative techniques. Their every model will be much more than the older model of givi9ng extraordinary facilities. Since their launching is becoming a success in all the places, it is now going to launch in India to achieve big success. Get ready to buy this stylish as well as a luxurious car!

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