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Jeep Compass Finally Arriving In India-Time For Jeep Lovers

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A recap on Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass was launched few months ago as a powerful competitor in the world of SUVs. It has become extensively successful in terms of performance and comfort. This latest installation from Jeep has proven its worth in India. Primarily Jeep was delivering only the diesel models with two wheel drive and four wheel drive terrains. Recently they have unveiled that petrol variants will be available soon from October.

The closer inspection of Jeep Compass Petrol

A recent release from Jeep has revealed that more than 10,000 units of the Compass have been booked and people are choosing more the Petrol variant. While the diesel variant comes with manual gearbox, the petrol variant has both manual and automatic gearbox. The automatic version is more in demand. The specifications of the Jeep Compass Petrol are


  • 6 speed manual variant and 7 speed dual clutch automatic model for petrol variant
  • 1.4 liter turbocharged engine
  • 4 cylinder engine with 160 bhp
  • Peak torque of 250 Nm
  • Mileage of around 17.1 kmpl expected.

This engine is power-packed with Jeep's well established off road features. Thus the Compass promises to deliver eye catching experience when taken off city roads.

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  • Variants

The petrol variant of Compass is expected to come in three further sub varieties. The 6-speed manual transmission is available in the “Sport” variant, which according to the company is the most affordable one. Other two models are a bit on the expensive side with automatic transmissions. The automatic models “Limited” and “Limited Optional” are much in demand as said by some company spokesman.

  • Design and exteriors

The Compass has inherited much of its design from the current successful Grand Cherokee. Common external cues include projector headlights, big alloy wheels, slat grille etc. The Compass is expected to have larger wheel base with more spacious interiors. 

  • Spacious interiors

With a larger wheelbase base, the Jeep Compass has more spacious interiors compared to other SUVs. The Indian models receive few outstanding features like dual zone climate control, touch screen systems, metal bright work, leather seats etc.

  • Off-road capabilities

As it is expected from Jeep, they deliver quality off road vehicles. The 2liter 4 cylinder engine delivers a high power of 170bhp. Also the dual clutch automatic transmission is highly helpful in dusty rough rides. The four wheel drive feature allows master control over terrain in the desert swamp or snow. However the 4-wheel control is available for high end models only. Cheaper ones are equipped with front wheel control only.

  • Locally manufactured

As it was the case before, Jeep vehicles were imported which made their price a bit on the higher side. But recently in collaboration with Fiat, at a factory outside Pune, they are manufacturing Jeep Compass vehicles. As a result the overall price would be lower compared to older models and also spare parts are easily available.

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With all these features and specifications the Jeep Compass petrol is expected to hit the markets soon. The price is not yet announced officially by the company. However, different prices are expected for the three different models.

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