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Launch Alert: Mercedes Benz E Class LWB

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Mercedes-Benz is bringing a game changer based on the immensely popular E-class in the mid-size luxury segment in India. The E class contributes to more than 30% of Mercedes-Benz sales in India and there’s no doubt that it is the most important model for the three-pointed star in India and worldwide.

Mercedes Benz Cars in India

Mercedes Benz E Class Black

India will be the first country to get the right-hand drive version of the E-class LWB. To keep the cost under control, Mercedes-Benz is manufacturing the car at their Chakkan plant in Pune. The car comes in both petrol and diesel versions:

  • E200 Petrol: 1991 CC, 182 hp and 300 Nm
  • E350 Diesel: 2987 CC, 255 hp and 620 Nm

Mercedes-Benz will withdraw the standard variant to prevent in-house competition. For a quick reference, the LWB version has 140 mm and 205 mm more wheelbase and overall length respectively.

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Aided with Air Body Control, the car uses adaptive dampers to give superior ride comfort on rough and bad roads; Mercedes-Benz has fine-tuned it for very good handling. More wheelbase has solely been utilized for improving the space at the rear; the LWB has an impressive 50% more cabin room at the rear than the standard model and it also gets a large panoramic sunroof. The rear seats, obviously are luxurious and large with more than enough back and thigh support and loads of legroom. The seats are also reclinable.

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Mercedes Benz E class is slated to be launched on 28th of this month.

Once launched, Mercedes-Benz E-class LWB will be the new benchmark for chauffeur-driven cars in the mid-size luxury segment in India.

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