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Living with Maruti Suzuki Baleno

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Maruti Suzuki Baleno

No car manufacturer understands Indian car market better than the Maruti. But Maruti also had their share of failures in this market. Maruti Suzuki Baleno was one of them. But Maruti is not ready to give away that brand name. This intrigued us in knowing the meaning of the word. We ‘google’ d and also ‘bing’ed and we found interestingly that it’s an Italian word, and it means flash/lightning.

Maruti has brought the Baleno name again, this time in the form of a premium hatchback. One more interesting observation by IBB: Maruti has a car for every lakh in the Rs.3-12 Lakhs price bracket and in all possible forms (Economy hatchbacks, Premium hatchback, Compact Sedan, MUV, Crossover and Sedan), new Maruti Suzuki Vitara will join shortly to fill the gap of the compact SUV shortly.

Over the years, the premium hatchback has seen a lot of changes and Maruti sooner or later felt they need a premium hatchback between the Swift and the Ciaz. And the answer is the new Baleno.

Living with the car

Some designs grow upon you. It is exactly what this car does. The car cannot be termed neither gorgeous nor ugly.  The car has some interesting design elements with the right amount of sleekness and curves, with a lot of interesting elements thrown around. If an Elite i20 endears you like the girl next door, Baleno is as beautiful as her married, enigmatic and attractive elder sister.

It's normal these days for car manufacturers to use the same interior theme on different models, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Baleno had an altogether different design language compared to the Swift. The interior has but no semblance to the Swift and adopts a V-Shape design resembling the front of the car. It adopts an all-black theme with some brush metal accents thrown at the right places, giving the interior a clean and sporty character. The center portion houses a capacitive touch screen which is carried forward from the S-Cross and other AC controls below it. The car shares a lot of parts from the Swift bin like the steering wheel and power window switches. The instrument cluster has a bluish hue similar to S-Cross with a large display between the tachometer and odometer.  The car has good interior space thanks to its 2520 mm wheelbase. The car has a 355 Liter boot which is pretty spacious but the higher loading lip plays a little spoilsport.

They share same engine from the Swift.

Petrol: 1.2 Liter K-series Motor 83 bhp- 115 NM torque (Mileage: Highway:23 KMPL/City:18KMPL)

Diesel: 1.3- liter MJD diesel dishing out and 74 bhp – 190 NM torque (Mileage: Highway: 19 KMPL/ City: 12 KMPL)

Five-speed gearbox does the transmission duties on both diesel and petrol models. Also, Maruti offers a CVT in the petrol Delta variant.

Don’t get put-off by the power pot, Baleno is a whole 100 Kg lighter than the Swift, despite bigger in dimensions. The reduction in weight gives Baleno better performance than the Swift in 0-100 Kmph as well as better in-gear acceleration figures.

Despite being lighter than the Swift, the car has good straight line stability ride and good cornering prowess.

Service Schedules, Maintenance, and Warranty

The first service is scheduled at 1000 Kms/ 1 month and the next at 5000 Kms/ 6 months. Subsequent services are scheduled at every 10,000 Kms interval. Maruti offers a 2 Year/ 40,000 standard warranty that can be extended up to 4 years/ 80,000 Kms.


Variant Description NEXA Extended Warranty Prices (Rs)
(On Road Price in Mumbai) 0-60 days* 61-365 days* 366-730 days*
Baleno 1.2 Sigma Petrol 6287 7231 8174
Baleno 1.2 Delta Petrol 7195 8274 9353
Baleno Zeta Petrol 7951 9143 10336
Baleno Alpha Petrol 8833 10157 11482
Baleno 1.2 Delta AT Petrol 8518 9795 11073
Baleno 1.3 Sigma 7762 8926 10090
Baleno 1.3 Delta 8581 9868 11155
Baleno 1.3 Zeta 9337 10737 12138
Baleno 1.3 Alpha 10219 11751 13284
* Days elapsed since vehicle sale.
Note: - Prices and commission are excluding of Taxes.

Service Intervals and Costs

Service Period 



Description Of Jobs Service Cost (INR)
Diesel Petrol
1000 Kms/1 month F General Checkup and Service 0 0
5000 Kms/6 months F General Checkup and Service 0 0
10000 Kms/ 1 Year F General Checkup, Service and Replace: Engine Oil and Filter 2470 1294
20000 Kms/ 2 Years P General Checkup ,Service, Replace: Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Brake and clutch fluids, Spark plug (Petrol), Air Filter (Diesel)Fuel Filter(Diesel) 6460 3564
30000 Kms/3 Years P General Checkup, Service and Replace: Engine Oil and Filter 3840 2664
40000 Kms/ 4 Years P General Checkup ,Service, Replace: Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Brake and clutch fluids, Spark plug (Petrol), Fuel Filter and Air Filter 6460 4264
50000 Kms/ 5 Years P General Checkup, Service and Replace: Engine Oil and Filter 3840 2664
60000 Kms/ 6 Years P General Checkup ,Service, Replace: Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Brake and clutch fluids, Spark plug (Petrol), Air Filter (Diesel)Fuel Filter(Diesel) 6460 3564
70000 Kms/7 Years P General Checkup, Service and Replace: Engine Oil and Filter 3840 2664

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Depreciation: Being a Maruti this will not be a major concern. Baleno will certainly hold value over the years.

  • Periodic maintenance and spares associated are taken into consideration.

  • Parts like tyres, battery, brake pads, clutch etc considering normal usage.

  • No major repair works, accident costs and interest costs are accounted.

Baleno Infographic

*All costs in INR Lakhs


If you liked the Swift, try the Baleno. It is better than Swift in space management, performance. features, safety and novelty. Styling is subjective, nevertheless Baleno has a design that can grow upon you. Coupled with Maruti’s core strengths and peace of mind factor associated with the brand, this car has a lot of things going in favor. Try the new Baleno at your nearest Nexa showroom and you will not go wrong driving out in one.

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