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Look out for Top Cars Launching in May 2016

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May 2016 - Car Launch

With the kick-off to the 2016-2017 fiscal years, automakers are looking to take charge and launch new vehicles which might really turn tables around for them and be game changers in terms of garnering interests, generating positive sales value and sustaining it along the way.

From new models to new facelift variants to SUVs to hatchbacks, the month of May 2016 has a lot in store for all you auto enthusiasts’ out there!

Whether you are looking to buy a new vehicle or exchange your vehicle, or your dream vehicle is finally launching or better still, a globally renowned vehicle is finally making its way to India, reasons aplenty, the Hot Summer month of May 2016 has something for everyone and is sure to please you with the launches that are lined up.

Here, let’s have a peek into the vehicles which are expected to  be launched and released in the month of May 2016:

Toyota Innova Crysta

Being one of the most successful models of the Japanese automaker, the Toyota Innova is ready to see a new model which is said to replace the old one. It is based on the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. The car was displayed at the Auto Expo 2016 and is said to be released in both diesel and petrol versions. The Crysta is said to be a major improvement from the previous model and features a lot of additions in the interiors and cabin, like touch screen infotainment system, steering mounted controls, improved seats etc. It is believed that five variants will be offered – 3 manual and 2 automatic – spread across three trims – GX, VX and ZX all of which will have a choice of 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmissions and priced at INR 10-15 lakhs.

Toyota Innova Crysta

The already famous Innova in its remodelled incarnation is creating a lot of hype and heightened anticipation amongst enthusiasts’ and the industry in general.

Honda BR-V (May 5)

It’s definitely a different stance for a Company with a predominantly petrol only portfolio, the Japanese automaker, Honda tries to change things and is now looking to launch a SUV with both options made available, petrol and diesel trims. It is called the BR-V and is built on the same platform as the Brio and other sibling vehicles. Priced at INR 8 lakhs– 12 lakhs, this new car is definitely going to have petrol and diesel versions. The plus point of this car is its 7-seater capacity.

Honda BR-V

The petrol version will be equipped with a 1.5L engine that produces a power of 118bhp and the diesel variant will come with a 1.5L engine that produces a power of 99bhp. Having done an extensive study on the impact of the SUV segment in the Indian market and how it’s growing and is garnering so much interest, Honda decided to come up with the compact SUV, the BR-V. Its on-road results are awaited with bated breath!

Honda Accord

With a plan to introduce the new ninth-gen Accord, Honda is all set to launch their bestselling sedan in the premium executive sedan segment. The updated version is equipped with some predominant features like looking more muscular, agile and equipped with stiffer wheels that add to its finesse and experience.

Being on par with competition, the car comes with a 5-speed automatic gearbox, 175bhp of power and a torque of 225Nm. It comes with two petrol engines and one hybrid engine option, the latter will be on sale soon and the earlier version is set to release anytime now.

New Honda Accord

Though already active in the international market, expect this facelifted version to be launched in India at a price of approximately INR 26-31 lakhs.

Ford Mustang

The much awaited Ford Mustang will finally set foot in India this May. In the international market, the Mustang is offered in two styles – fastback and convertible, out of the two, the former is to be launched in India. A poster car for many car buffs in the country, the Mustang will feature a 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine which whips out 420bhp of power at a torque of 529Nm. For any laymen, this power is enough to show off and have your moment of fame on the roads. The interior and the exterior come equipped with numerous traits which will give the user the taste of luxury. Apart from that, the look of the car will be same as the car which we have come to adore in movies and media over time. The mileage is said to be around 7kmpl in the city and 11kmpl on the highway.

Ford Mustang

The Mustang technically is said to have the same specification as the models available in the US. The only main difference lies in the right hand drive option with is tailor-made to suit the British and Indian market. The expected price of the Mustang is said to be around approximately INR 45-60 lakhs and it comes to India the CBD way, but whatever be it, it’s definitely going to have a dedicated audience who have been dreaming about it for years’.

And thus,

One of the largest industries in India, the automotive industry accounts for a large chunk of the GDP of the country. Most of the industry caters to the growing middleclass and young population. Launches of new vehicles play an important role in these two segments - the young population is always on the lookout for new models, new variants and want to stay on top of their game with a stylish new car to sport ever so often. Whereas, on the other hand, for the thoughtful buyers, or the middleclass, the requirement of a vehicle is for more serious purposes as in family usage or travelling to work or to run errands. With this in mind, the auto industry is catering to individual tastes and requisites like never before and this trend is on the rise where today, there is something for everyone in the auto market.  

And changing, trending, growing needs, are keeping automakers busy and they are ensuring that the supply is constant so customers’ are happy.

In order to know what is happening in the auto industry, the latest launches, the hits and misses, keep an eye on IndianBlueBook website to stay on par with all the updated auto info tailored just for you!

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