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KUV 100 Vs Swift Vs Grand i10

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KUV 100 - Swift - Grand i10

The name Mahindra is synonymous to UVs, tractors and Jeeps. With the introduction of KUV 100 Mahindra is taking a bold move, venturing into waters it has never waded. KUV 100 will be the first car which Mahindra has built from scratch (though Mahindra is portraying it as a sub compact SUV). And more importantly, this car will carry the first ever petrol engine powered by Mahindra. With the launch of KUV 100, Mahindra created a new segment, the sub compact SUV segment or we can call the Micro SUV segment.  However, this car will jostle for space along with the Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 considering the price and size point of view.

Mahindra KUV 100 Vs Maruti Suzuki Swift Vs Hyundai Grand i10


Mahindra has done a conscious effort to infuse the SUV lineage into the KUV 100, the influence of its bigger brother; the XUV 500 is evident in many places. However, it’s a prodigious task to bring in an SUV styling on a small car template. Though the car looks quirky and unappealing from certain angles, Mahindra has done a commendable job to bring in an SUV flavor to the whole package. The front barring some idiosyncratic elements, has a butch look and at certain angles reminded us of the Range Rover Evoque. The rear is more or less like any hatches and the side profile is busy with lots of unwanted curves and creases. But, Mahindra’s mantra was always to consciously have a stand apart look and in that way they have succeeded.

Compared to the KUV 100, Maruti Swift and i10 Grande have regular hatchback silhouette and easy to digest look. Both cars look equally beautiful and elegant and has far better proportions than the quirky yet different looking KUV 100.


Get inside the cabin of KUV 100 and the improvement of fit and finish from a Mahindra car is commendable. The beige interior gives a roomy feel for the already adequate interior. Interestingly the gear lever is mounted on the dash to generate space for a third passenger (in the 6-seater variants).  There is ample front and rear legroom, as well as sufficient shoulder room.  But the third passenger (in the 6 seat variant) makes things cramped and the sixth seat is strictly for children for short journeys. The car comes with some interesting features like mood lighting, puddle lamps and airbags as an option on all variants. Also the car has the most number of cubby holes and storage space.

Hyundai Grand i10 has the best finished interiors of the trio and has better legroom, headroom and boot space than the KUV.

Maruti Suzuki Swift also has ample space and feature lists and has the sportiest interiors.  KUV 100 has significantly larger boot space than the Swift (243 liters compared to Swift’s 204 liters) but lesser than Grand i10’s larger 256 liter boot.

Engine and Performance

Mahindra is bringing in a new range of mFalcon engine in the KUV 100. Both 3 cylinder units generates 82 bhp and 77 bhp in the petrol and diesel variants respectively. Though the car fares well in offering linear power and in-gear accelerations, it is the Swift that dominates in performance. The additional cylinder on the Swift endows it with a sprightly performance. The Grand i10 also performs better than the KUV 100 next to the Swift. In terms of refinement the little Hyundai comes at the top closely followed by the Swift.


Mahindra has priced the KUV 100 a tad below the prices of both the Suzuki and the Hyundai.

Make Model



Rs Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Mahindra KUV 100



Maruti Suzuki Swift



Hyundai Grand i10



Check all the comparison for KUV 100, Swift & Grand i10 in terms of Ex Showroom Price, EMI, Specification and Features.

By positioning KUV 100 in the Swift and Grand i10 price range, Mahindra is offering a viable offering for customers who want a car that has an altogether different theme than the usual genre of hatchbacks.

IBB Verdict

It is a bold and commendable move by Mahindra to venture into the small car market with the KUV 100. But KUV 100 falls short of the established contenders, the Swift and the Grand i10 in terms of engine performance, handling, and ride quality and more importantly the finesse. Of the Korean and the Japanese contenders it is a tough decision to select the winner. If you are looking for a true driver’s car with the practicality of a hatchback go for the Swift eyes shut. The Suzuki engine (both petrol and diesel) is a gem when it comes to performance. However, if practicality is the paramount importance for you, Grand i10 is the car for you. Nevertheless, a commendable effort from Mahindra.

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