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Mahindra Mini Bolero is Here

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This Bestseller is Set to Shine Bright this Festive Season

The Indian automaker, Mahindra has recently begun work on an upcoming compact sedan. After TUV100, KUV100 and NuvoSport the popular, bestselling, Mahindra Bolero will be next in line to be given a new avatar and will be released as the Mini Bolero.

As far as reports go, the new Mini Bolero will be smaller in size. At least 4 metres and under will be trimmed off.

The wheelbase is said to remain the same as the standard model whereas the front and rear overhangs will be condensed. To give it a new look and make it stand out, the front and back bumpers will be reworked on and redesigned to give the compact SUV a unique face. Although being smaller and also shortened, this car is designed in such a manner that it can house up to seven members. Identical to the Mahindra TUV300, the last row is likely to be jump seats.

Under the hood

The Mini Bolero SUV will be driven by a 3-cylinder 1.5L mHawk100 diesel engine which produces a power of 100bhp and a torque of 240Nm. A similar engine is offered in two other Mahindra models – NuvoSport and Mahindra TUV300. Very soon, a petrol engine too might be featured in this model.

With a set out mission to offer better fuel-efficiency, the company lowered the engine power. This in addition to the reduced kerb weight is sure to add to the purpose. For the first time, this new vehicle will be available in both manual and automatic versions. Although, the TUV300 comes with an AMT gearbox, this is the first time a Bolero sees the same.

A New Cut

A 12% excise duty cut will be applicable on this model as the size of the newly-designed vehicle is less than 4 meters in length as compared to the standard model. This shortening also led to the overall weight of the car being reduced which led to an increase in fuel efficiency. This hopefully will help Mahindra see a rise in sales figures for a car that has been selling so well ever since its release and has a huge fan following in both the rural and urban communities.

New target audiences have been dug out in order to appeal to a different category and take on newer segments. The body panels will be quite identical to the sibling model. Although, few changes are present like re-profiled bumpers and reduced front and rear overhangs.

Interiors and Cabin 

Similar dashboard and equipment levels are said to be accommodated in the interior of the Mini Bolero. Along with this, for better efficiency, seats too are going to be altered. Apart from this, the interiors are going to be quite similar to the standard Mahindra Bolero model.


Mahindra Mini Bolero



Year of Launch


Body Type


Engine Mill

1.5-litre mHawk80 Diesel

Engine Capacity


Transmission type

5-speed Manual & 5-speed AutoShift

Maximum power bhp@rpm


Maximum torque Nm @ rpm


Seating capacity


Fuel type


Mileage on highways

18-20 km/l

In city mileage

15 km/l

Top speed


The diesel ban in the Delhi-NCR region has been very disappointing for most automakers. The ban essentially states that vehicles over 2000cc and above are not allowed to ply on the roads and another rule stating that extra cess will be charged on vehicles above 4 meters in length led to many automakers including, Mahindra seeing a slight decline in sales of the Bolero. In a quick response to bounce back, they are launching the Bolero in a new disguise in August. It is claimed to be priced strategically so that it can capture the market that was slightly shaken due to these rules and bans. The edge it has over the regular Bolero is that it’s going to be much cheaper.

With an aim to capture modern consumers, the Mahindra Mini Bolero will be launched during the festive season and is all set to bring in the light!

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