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Mahindra TUV300 - Success Factor

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Mahindra is the third largest car manufacturer in India, surprised? Yes, Mahindra adorns the third spot despite not having a proper car, say a hatchback or sedan in their product portfolio. The credit for the success goes to Mahindra’s range of SUVs. Mahindra’s SUVs such as the Scorpio, Thar, XUV, and Bolero has a wide acceptance in the Indian automotive scenario. Mahindra joined the battle-for-pie in the compact SUV segment with their TUV 300 in the last quarter of the calendar year 2015. Since then, TUV 300 has been raking pretty good sales numbers for Mahindra.

Mahindra TUV 300

What made TUV300 click in the Indian car market?

• A Genuine Compact SUV: When other manufacturers were trying to shoehorn their hatchback or hatchback templates into a compact SUV, Mahindra built a typical ladder on frame design resulting in a tough car that can withstand any rough treatment thrown at it. TUV 300 can be best described as an SUV that was made compact rather than a hatchback that was made to look like an SUV.

• Polarizing Design: Mahindra’s polarizing design philosophy worked well with the TUV 300. The car was introduced as a design inspired by a battle tank. The slab type and slightly raked side profile definitely reminded that of an Arjun battle tank. Also, Mahindra successfully infused the design cues, especially the big rectangular slats on the front grill that reminded as of a baby JEEP. And more importantly, the design starts growing on you.

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• Spacious Interiors: The car has class-leading interiors space and Mahindra surprised all and sundry offering a well finished inside space.

• More Seats: Mahindra managed to add two jumps at the back. Though highly uncomfortable and unsafe, the 7-seat option tilted the table in Mahindra’s favor for many customers.

• Scorpio Underpinning: TUV 300 shares the underpinnings of its big brother, the massively popular and capable Scorpio. This has definitely helped Mahindra to inject the toughness and versatility associated with the Scorpio into the TUV 300 framework.

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• The Mahindra Brand and SUV Pedigree: The brand Mahindra is undoubtedly known for brawny SUVs in India and worldwide. This has definitely helped TUV 300 to plunge into the compact SUV battlefield without much of an intro. And Mahindra has a huge fan following in the country who blindly trust the brand when it comes to SUVs.

• Wide Range of Variants: Mahindra is offering TUV 300 with an 84 bhp and 100 bhp m-Hawk engines. Also, Mahindra is offering Automatic transmission option for both the engines (mHawk 100 engine comes only with AMT option) Mahindra offers TUV 300 in six variants (T4,T4+,T6,T6+,T6 AMT,T8 AMT) to suit the customers’ budget and needs.

• Fantastic Pricing: Mahindra is always known for aggressively pricing their cars right from the day one, rather than revising the price later. TUV 300 is offered at a price bracket considerably lower than the competition to make it a real Value for Money package.

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