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Mahindra‘s Electric Cars to Empower NGO Working For Physically Challenged

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Mahindra has introduced electric cars which will be accessible for the people with disabilities. It handed over the work to the fast charging unit to make it faster so that many people will be benefited soon. This car will be used by the NGO’s who are physically challenged to access to get access to the people. The Mahindra Electric has donated three battery driven cars to the NGO’s on Monday. It was donated under the initiative of CSR.

Manufacture Of Battery Cars:

These battery used cars are made to be modified to be used for physically challenged people. It involves installing a mechanism known as swivel out in the front side co-passenger seat. To make it faster the company has handed over this work to the fast charging units. The NGO said that these cars will be very useful for the people with disabilities to access the globalized world. This will also help to promote the inclusion of communities which are marginalized.

Mahindra‘s Electric Cars to Empower NGO Working For Physically Challenged

Very Useful For Differently Abled People:

The Mahindra Electric said “The NGO wheels used our customized electrical vehicles to bring a changes in the life of disabled people. They use our vehicles as cabs which will be a kickstart to the differently abled people to safely drop their passengers”. The car keys will be given to the trustee of the NGO Ritheesh Shetty by Hemantha Kumara who is the additional transport commissioner of Karnataka.

The chief executive of Mahindra Electric Mahesh Babu said: “These electric cars are made to be introduced to provide mobility to all the people including the differently abled people under an initiative to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”. These electric cabs which are customized will also be used for the users of a wheelchair and so they can also hire these electric cabs. It will be also very useful for crutch walkers as well as wheelchair users to go to public parks, toilets as well as open spaces.

Shetty also said “We had done research to introduce and design this partner for Kickstart Services Ltd to improve the transportation of the disabled people and also for the senior citizens. The aim of this project is for making the handicapped persons to access the public places without isolating them”. As there are 19 billion in Mahindra Group and out of these, the Mahindra electric introduces e20 Plus hatch, eVerito sedan, eSurpo minivan as well as electric rickshaw e-Alfa mini.

It will be very useful for the different people to access the places they want to visit. Without asking help from others they will be able to do their work by themselves. Among most of the companies, the Mahindra Electric has initiated this plan under the CSA and it will be an initiative to many other companies to provide cars for differently abled people by using new upgraded technologies which will help them a lot.

These customized cars are very useful for the crutch walkers, wheel chaired persons to help them to access the places they wish to visit. Hope so it will be very useful for the disabled persons to meet their goals as well as achievements. Due to these vehicles, the isolation of the differently abled persons will be reduced.

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