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Maruti Suzuki ARENA - A New Retail Chain Showroom

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In order to keep pace with the technological advancements, the retail chains of Maruti Suzuki have been renovated for its usual cars in order to include digital means into their customer service. These new ranges of showrooms have been tentatively titled as “Maruti Suzuki ARENA” where digital aids have been implemented with an intention to improve the customer experience. In addition to Maruti Suzuki ARENA, the company would have four different retail channels such as Maruti Suzuki ARENA, NEXA, True Value and Commercial in the local market.

Just like Maruti Suzuki NEXA, these revamped lines of showrooms make use of technological facilities, which were opened by the car manufacturer so as to promote its collection of premium cars. With the help of Maruti Suzuki ARENA, the prospective buyers are allowed to book their vehicles or even customize it on a newly launched website.  Customers who are found to have registered themselves on the website of Maruti Suzuki ARENA can continue to choose vehicles and trims as soon as they get into the showroom by means of entering their registered mobile number on the available Navigation Portal.

Maruti Suzuki ARENA

This newly designed navigation portal would help Maruti in connecting with the customers of the younger generation.  The upgrade would consist of product vision screens and personalization spots for the purpose of choosing accessories, lounge areas and cafes amongst several other areas. The purpose of an owner’s lounge and a coffee consultation area is to set the mood for having a friendly conversation. With the help of an interactive product vision touch screen present at the showrooms, the customers can able to explore the complete range of vehicles easily and effectively.

Every showroom of Maruti Suzuki ARENA is bestowed with a personalization zone and an auto configurator through which customers can personalize their cars electronically using a blend of accessories. Kenichi Ayukawa, the CEO and Managing Director of Maruti Suzuki said “At the center of our strategy, Maruti Suzuki ARENA will transform our network to meet customer expectations. Further, Maruti Suzuki ARENA would delight customers and enhance transparency with an exhilarating purchase experience, without any glitch from digital space to the physical showrooms.”

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As a part of its sequence of proposals to renovate itself, Maruti Suzuki aims to implement more than 80 showrooms of Maruti Suzuki ARENA by the March of next year. Moreover, the existing 2000 showrooms all across the country would be upgraded to Maruti Suzuki Arena in the next 3 to 5 years. With the help of this new advanced digital technology, it is now possible for the company to provide more information, more convenience, improved transparency and excellent customer support to the buyers. Relationship managers are assumed to be equipped with tablets in which an application is found for the customers to browse or compare distinct models and variants.

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 These new Arena showrooms are having a dynamic façade amidst a design element in trendy blue signature together with an energetic Experience Terrace, though valets would individually greet the vehicle buyers at this new showroom. This technological development of India’s largest auto maker is aiming to grasp the attention of digitally savvy customers. For this reason, the company had tried a lot to revamp its retail network all over the country. With around 50% of the market share, Maruti Suzuki pointed out that nearly 75% of the Indian vehicle buyers have undergone a research on the internet previous to deciding any purchase. So, through this new website, Maruti Suzuki will now able to provide potential customers with an opportunity to look at its models, price range, customize, and also book their cars.

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