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Maruti Suzuki Celerio Tour H2 launched at Rs 4.21 lakh

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A new version of the Celerio hatchback is being launched by Maruti Suzuki. It has introduced the new version called the Tour H2 that is designed specifically for cab aggregators. These hatchbacks would have speed limiting devices that would be factory-fitted on the cars. These taxi versions are based on the LXi (O) trim models. These would be available at about Rs. 4. 21 lakh, which is the ex-showroom price in Delhi. These versions would share everything of the LXi (O) variants. The car falls between the Celerio's LXi and the LXi(O) trim variants.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Tour H2 launched at Rs 4.21 lakh

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The highlight of the Tour H2 is the speed limiting device that would be a standard fit on the model. According to the government regulations for taxis that have been recently revised, the taxis would need to be equipped with a speed limiting device. This would help to reduce a large number of accidents that take place on Indian roads today. There is also the Dzire Tour S taxi which is based on the Dzire compact sedan. In a similar fashion, the top speed of the car is limited to 80 kph. The new model is sure to make the roads a lot safer than what it used to be.

The Tour H2 would also share the 68 hp / 90 Nm, 1.0-litre, three-pot petrol engine with the Celerio. The car also has a 5-speed manual transmission. All the features, including the side airbag for the driver to the naked steel wheels from the LXi (O) trim of the hatchback, is shared by the car. The LXi (O) trim is priced about Rs. 13,000 higher than Rs. 13,000 higher than the Tour H2. The manufacturer had also recently released the crossover version of the Celerio.

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