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The New 911 GT3 RS Breaks Boundaries” - Porsche

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To describe the Porsche 911 GT3 RS we would like to use the word extreme. Among the 911 line-up the GT3 RS is the most extreme of the lot. RS is the greatest expression of the 911 – fastest, hardest and most mental car of this German Super-Toy Factory. Although the 911 GT3 RS is a car designed for the track, a large part of its appeal is that it’s a car for the road. Though this car looks wild and intimidating with its huge rear spoiler, wide body and massive tires; it is actually a very civilized and lovely road car.

Considering the spectacular performance, you might think it is furiously fast and the track would be the only place for it; the answer is no. This tamed tiger is a beautiful car to drive on the road and if you want to have fun, just pick up some speed and go down a few gears and let the magical performance blow your mind. The breathtakingly fast acceleration is absolutely scintillating and what this car can do around corners is phenomenal. The GT3 RS is a car with staggering performance - its immediacy is intoxicating, the grip gargantuan and the engine feels ridiculously strong and the noise it makes is nothing short of a masterpiece.

New 911 GT3 RS

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Let’s talk numbers, the naturally aspirated 4.0-Litre flat-six powerhouse hanging off the back end pumps out 500 German horses and even though Porsche’s estimates are generally on the conservative side, the GT3 RS accelerates through the 100kmph mark in under 3.3 seconds and has an eye-watering top speed of over 300kmph. Even though the 911 GT3 RS is rear wheel drive it is planted at corners and the Handling makes you feel like you are drawing a line through the laws of physics.

911 GT3 RS

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Though it isn’t exciting as a Ferrari, it’s more of an engineering than passion. What makes this car particularly interesting is the list of options you get which Porsche has taken time to assemble. We will have to wait for Porsche to release the list of Performance Packages for the Indian Market along with the price tag for owning this German beauty. With the Porsche 911 GT3 RS they have done everything in the book to exploit the colossal firepower which make the results mesmerising.

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